Concept Nouvolo Aquachill Res❄️- Small size pump/reservoir combo (maybe with active cooling)


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Mar 28, 2017
Honestly, unless Nouvolo is going to create highly customized and specific units for some of the boutique sff cases then it doesn’t make much sense to continue the project. Even then he’s not gonna sell many units. Creating a res/pump that will work with many different cases is gonna be a big project to take on. I’ve seen someone use the EK FL 240 in a custom loop inside the Ghost S1. They has it sitting in front of the GPU. A slim reservoir like that might be worth while. I just don’t think there’s a product he can make that will be better than other options out there and makes sense financially.


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Aug 1, 2021
Don't think you can do it any slimmer than Eisbaer solo LT at 39mm. So there's no point really

True, but that would just be a pump/CPU block combo. If they made it around that height, but longer/wider with a top fill port, it could be a little bit of a better solution compared to the solo which requires filling the loop directly or a separate res.

Agree that my suggestions would only be marginal improvements on what exists today.


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Sep 8, 2018
Can you do a slim pump, cpu block and res all in one? It could be slightly taller than say some of the AIO cpu/pump combos, but it could be wider (hangs over cpu) in order to accommodate the reservoir portion.

I know you make the CPU block already, but in my opinion when you add a pump to that version it is no longer "slim."
Aquanaut is basically the smallest you can get. If you want it slimmer, where do you fit the res? A res takes up volume, as I mentioned before, nobody can beat physics (space-time). If you are thinking about a taller block, then we have got the Barrow's, and even that ones doesn't have a res. You may not have checked Aquanaut development lately, but Aquanaut Extreme edition does have fill port, and it's the same original height.

It is not feasible to add res to Aquanaut, by either making it taller (not fit SFF sandwich case), or longer/wider (bigger than the socket area).


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Oct 6, 2018
I think OP's concept might work. In theory, it should. In practice, it might not be very feasible (particularly the size of the end product). I reckon, if the 360 (or whatever size it turns out to be) rad is absent in the loop, it surely will not work. But, with its presence, it might remove just enough heat from the loop that the theory can be practical. In my sketch, for easier understanding, imagine the extreme scenario that this '360 rad' has godzillion thermal removing capacity, then all the heat from the hot side of the peltiers can be removed from the loop. How nice (in theory)!

Anyway, that is why I suggested a proof of concept, to get a feel of how various variables work. Of course, the alternative is to do the calculation on paper as the spec of the peltiers/radiators...etc are all known. But this is less fun.😄

I agree that this is not really a good place to talk about TEC. I used to participate in OCN a lot some 10 or so years ago when I was still playing with my TEC rig. But I just went over to their TEC sub-forum and the last post was posted 3 months ago! So, it is not very active. Do you have a forum to recommend to the OP?
I think Necere's answer basically covers anything i wanted to say, there's also a TEC tool/spreadsheet floating around somewhere that makes calculating tec requirements much easier(haven't used it in years and don't have a back-up 😒)

And yep, OCN is very dead, a few years ago it started chaining hands, changes got made (for the worse) followed by multiple platform changes that broke anything good about the forum... Most users have fled to and