New revision of Ncase M1, when?

Discussion in 'NCASE' started by Nitpicky, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Dstrm

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    This thread covers two topics I wanted to bring up.

    USB C Front Panel Connector... It would be nice to have an upgrade option, but if it's too much hassle then maybe I'll just make a new front panel to do away with all front connections and just utilize an anti-vandal switch. Maybe that could be an option too when ordering.

    Spare Panels... I've really been hoping to get a set of black panels or at the least, a black top panel w/o the ODD slot. Really sucks that they won't be restocking them.
  2. Nitpicky

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    Does this improve alot of the airflow by itself or would taller feet help out more?
  3. Necere

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    Both will improve airflow.
  4. Wyd4

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    I was considering taking a dremel to the bottom of mine but was a little worried about the structural integrity of the case.
    Due to where my radiator had to be mounted in the bottom, some of the core isnt even exposed through the bottom. Really want to improve that.
  5. riktanius

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    Just do it. Ive MURDERED the bottom of my M1 and as long as you leave triangular corners it is as stable as not having it. And once you put in the different components, it all just holds together. Please note, those are 140MM fans.

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  6. Wyd4

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    Looks like I have a project for next weekend :D
  7. riktanius

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    Ill be here to see how your temps change, good luck!
  8. GaggleOfMeese

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    Wait, there's a v6? Damn, I bought the V5 a few weeks back and have yet to build mine out. Now a v6 is on the way. What bad timing for me.
  9. Rikardo

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    Awesome! This locks my plan. Now I'll just have to follow it and buy...everything :eek: Maybe I could use my MSI GTX 1080ti Gaming X, but it would be very tight fit. So propably have to change that too. Hopefully I can trade it with someone with almost no money at all.
  10. smitty2k1

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    There is not a v6
  11. Brude27

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    I’ve now seen quite a few posts on here, on the hardwareswap subreddit, and on now on the SFF subreddit of V5 M1 owners wanting to get a new set of panels... @Wahaha360 @Necere please do another run so people who weren’t aware they were being discontinued can throw their money at you!!!
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  12. Wyd4

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    I would buy a set for “just in case my child knocks my pc off my desk” factor.

    I was actually going to buy a silver set so I can change colours of the case at will lol
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  13. Wyd4

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    Are you running a 280 rad as well? Presumably cutting into the front panel and the pcie slots in the back? I was considering trying to squeeze a 280 in the bottom but was a bit concerned about mobo clearance and just went with a 240 in the bottom and side.
  14. Necere

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    It's w360's call as far as what gets stocked on SFFLab.
  15. Wyd4

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    One thing I need to call out, as I feel like this thread is kind of turned into a hybrid request/suggestion thread, but I have had nothing but positive experiences with the team @ SFF and I assume Necere, but not sure as I was dealing through SFFLab. I had a couple of issues, one due to my own error and they were handled quickly and without fuss. I would happily recommend the ncase to anyone looking for a versatile SFF case on my experiences.
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  16. riktanius

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    Well, I haven't created a build thread for it yet, but since you are asking (small notches on the front panel, no need to modify the rear):

  17. Necere

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    Most likely you talked to Dan, AKA wahaha360. He does most of the customer support for SFFLab. Joshua (PlayfulPhoenix) is mainly in charge of the website. I'm not directly involved with SFFLab operations, but my email (design at ncases) is on the site for any questions relating to the case itself (e.g. parts compatibility). Anything having to do with ordering, shipping, inventory, replacements etc. is Dan/SFFLab's purview.
  18. Brude27

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    I fully intended to buy a full black set when they were restocked, but then I found out that wasn't in the works. It feelsbadman, b/c while I want to customize my M1, I also want to keep my original V5 parts pristine. I might have to pick up a V6 when they are released, and sell my V5. I don't really want to go through all of that just to have multiple panel sets to play with, but if @Wahaha360 doesn't restock the V5 panels... I guess that's the option I'm stuck with.

    I totally agree! The M1 was a huge surprise to me when I finally got to build in it! I expected a good experience, and always read that it had great compatibility, but you don't really realize just how great it is until you're about to install a part and say to yourself, "It would be really nice if it could do thi... Oh wow! It can!" Also... don't let the people who say 2 120mm AIOs are difficult to install in the M1, b/c I can assure you as long as you plan accordingly, they fit with plenty of room to spare... and they work very well!
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  19. Wyd4

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    Very nice mate!!! Will be a beast when its done. I just recently created a log for my m1.

    I am hearing you mate, 2x120mm aio's will definitely fit. Here is mine!
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