New revision of Ncase M1, when?

Discussion in 'NCASE' started by Nitpicky, Oct 3, 2018.

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    It would be an option, so you dont have to get it if you dont want.
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    Is the V6 being released soon? I see that the V5 is listed as "item is not currently available" in all configurations.
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    Yeah, V6 is coming along. We're tentatively looking at June for release.
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    Big news! Always a treat to see what you're working on, Necere.
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    Do you have a summary on what being updated in v6 I'm planning to get A ncase just wanna know the difference.

    Thank You
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    There are a lot of small optimizations to the case, though for the most part these are just little quality of life things that won't have a major impact for most people. The biggest change is the increased ventilation on the sides and bottom, and the inclusion of a bottom dust filter as standard. There are also a couple of things that I don't want to talk about until they're confirmed. Once we get closer to release and I have more information, I'll post a complete list.
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    Thank you!
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    Awesome news! I was going to order the v5 but saw it was out of stock. Fingers crossed for June / July release.
  9. dorall

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    I've had Ncase before,. now am running Ghost S1. Might try it once again :D can't wait for revision,
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    Just those are PERFECT!
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    Which one would you pick considering the new price of the Ghost (269EUR + 49EUR for a tophat)
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    This is a tough call, considering new pricing on SFF cases the Ncase is a steal at $195. I just received my Ghost S1 yesterday and it is extremely nice, I would say they have raised the bar on build quality. Depending on your budget I would probably go with the Ncase if you are budget conscious and the Ghost if price is no object.
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    It depends.

    There are many factors involving the choice. From my experience Ghost S1 is way easier to build in and is better quality, better panels, but it has very limited air flow and cooling options as without any top hats there's no way to install exhaust fans, and only small heatsinks fit that case as there's size limit too. On another hand the case itself is smaller and more sturdy, aluminium is way thicker, power button is a bit wonky tho. I would advice getting Ghost S1 for those who don't really want a high end comp, as there's barely any sense putting i7, i9 cpus inside that case, it's a great case for mid tier builds and it's mainly because of it's cooling limitations. You can always put hats on it, but they cost extra and ruin aesthetic look of the case. It looks nice, and is easy to build that's the gist of it, features wise it's not that great. Also one has to note that case is difficult to get and there are still quality issues as some people get different coloured panels and etc and have to go through long rma process.

    Meanwhile Ncase... Well the paint on the chassis , inner, is very thin so any screws scratch it kinda ruined aesthetic of the case for me, washers might solve it or screws need to be tightned carefully, - that was a slight minus for me. Then I had problems with Motherboards aio shield, that thingy on the back, for some reason my motherboard didn't push it back enough so it always use to fall back and leave felt like mobo was too far so it couldn't push it back into the slot. Aside that i've not experience any issues, well the only one is that as the case has more room for fans to install there's a difficulty setting them all and connecting all those cables nicely, but it depends on the user and how he prefers his build to be, it's not mandatory to fill every slot with a fan. Case itself has room for SSD 2.5 or bigger psu's, or bigger heatsinks, slot for AIO is in better position too if compared to Ghost s1 which requires a large top hat. So looks aside or size, Ncase is superior in it's layout and features. Well and getting Ncase is easier as once it's available on site you can order it, track it, and get within a few weeks window, they usually don't have any quality issues too. Ghost s1 takes months to arrive or even longer usually, and there's no proper tracking too! Though you've to pay customs-taxes for Ncase, and if you're European then Ghost 1's customs or taxes are usually covered already.

    As I have i9 9900k now i kinda feel that getting Ghost s1 might have been not the best decision, as without top hat this case can't support hot cpus and in overall it gets quite hot inside. Dan has fixed these issues by making space for bottom fans to be mounted, meanwhile Ghost s1 prefers to use Top hat and in my case they don't really make the case shine. I would rather have ghost re-design case or make several versions rather than include top hats.

    It's just my opinion honestly, the same stuff could be said about any case even skyreach or whatever which is even smaller. Ghost is a great case and materials are better than Ncases but it's all about the looks, Ncase looks kinda old fashioned and a bit industrial but does the job better in overall.

    In short -want a great looking and easy to build case? pick Ghost. If you don't really care about looks or either size then pick Ncase as there is always more features and ways to cool components with it, also if one wants to get case faster its obvious that Ncase is easier to get.
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    That's the biggest reason why I really stay away from all other SFX ITX cases. Not sure if I understand your complaint regarding coloring (the pure silver color is pretty damn minimalist and nice in my opinion -- as is the pure black one for that matter), or screws scratching the case (as long as it's scratches on the inside and not the outside, it don't really matter -- in any case, all aluminium/metal cases scratch; thankfully there is the possibility of buying panel sets, for those who want that). NCASE and Ghost S1 are about equally good-looking imo (though I don't quite understand why the top panel on the Ghost is only black -- that's stupid). Pretty minimalist, simple and mature design. None of that stupid, childish sci-fi design that mainstream cases go for.

    But where they differ is in cooling. Even with the top part, the Ghost S1 does not cool as well as the NCASE M1, due to limitations to what kind of cooler you can put on the CPU.

    A lot of people generally don't care about noise, and run their fans in these cases on speeds (or rather, at noise levels) that I personally would find unacceptable. Hence the good (or fake, as I call it) temperature numbers they get. With the NCASE, however, I was able to have a Noctua C14 cooler in it, and run the fans at 700-1000 RPM max. Furthermore, the GPU, which all are excessively noisy, can most of the time have its shroud removed and swapped with two 120x25mm Noctua fans for far better noise; or even a dedicated heatsink for those that want that. That's sadly not possible with the Ghost S1.

    S1 has an advantage size-wise, but it don't really matter when it forces a more noisy case. I would even accept a somewhat bigger NCASE, if it just were to fit bigger air coolers, or more fans. It's still more than small enough, and offers the best compromise between cooling/noise. I was able to sufficiently coo (75-80C) a shroud-less 1080 Strix + a 7700K with a C14 and a bunch of Noctua fans at 700-1000 RPM. Expecting those temps to improve with an even more efficient and cooler R5 3600X, new A12 fans and as a better vented V6 NCASE.
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    I meant inner chassis scratches awfully a lot, some scratches become like dents. Well for people who care about their cases a lot, it's an issue. It's damn hard to scratch Ghost s1 chassis or make damage just from screws. Though it's not the biggest minus of the case.

    Yes, Ghost s1's cooling is worse. It's better than some of the cases, there are vents and everything but it pales against Ncase. I've had Ncase with C14 myself, and i could run i7 8700k overclocked easily, also extra fans for GPU were brilliant. Meanwhile Ghost S1 doesn't house any bigger coolers than 67mm and there's not a single place to place any more fans within the case, GPU is more noisy too. Though it's cool at least :) As of the moment I am running my i9 9900k just fine, but i had to trim it's power slightly to make it possible, yet its nowhere to be desired still. Thus ive come to conclusion it's better to use the case for lighter builds like CPUS with 6 cores or even 4 core, anything above is hard to keep in check without an AIO and large hat. Case is pure looks honestly, hard to beat that

    Though Ncase with c14 is hard to work around, cables are very tight and everything. So there go my wishes for improvement... There aint perfect cases as of now.
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    I think we all care about our cases. Hence why we pay as much as we do for this. The design of the case matters as much for me as any other, and I make sure to take care of it as best as I can...on the outside. Inside scratching is really inevitable, for both the NCASE and the Ghost. They are on the extreme end of ITX cases, and building stuff in them isn't straightforward -- leading to scratches being made. Just taking my 1080 Strix in and out causes scratches to the structure frames. But it's out of visible sight, so...

    But maybe I'm just terrible at this...I don't know.

    Blame that on the 9900K. The fact that you can even realistically put that heat oven in something as small as the NCASE is pretty damn incredible. Intel's chips, ever since the 7700K, have been too warm for their own good, and they have gotten progressively more power-hungry and harder to cool. Which is why I'm really excited for the upcoming Ryzen 3000. A potential 8-core 7nm 3600X with same single-threaded performance as the 9900K, but 50% less power and with considerably lower temperatures, would be a dream CPU. The thought of putting an 8 core in an NCASE was considered far-fetched just a few years ago, and pretty soon it'll become as easy as entry-level i5 stuff.

    If you were to ever grow tired of the NCASE, let me know. Would love to snatch the C14 up in an upcoming build for my brother ;)
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    I don't have Ncase anymore, sold it ages ago, it was a different build with i7 8700k. Now I am running Ghost S1 with i9. Honestly I am happy with it, it's much smaller and has nice tank like built. It's slightly disappointing that cooling is limited. I guess it's up to person what he has in mind. I wish there was a premium aluminium case for something like Noctuas U12. Yeha lets hope AMD CPU lives up to it's rumours as their GPU wasn't big of a deal, lets say quite the disappoinent this year
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    Lol, me and you are more similar than you think. I've always thought the same thing, which is why I actually wouldn't have minded a variant of the NCASE being 30mm wider to fit that cooler (as well as provide better support for other specs). There is actually a very good close-to-SFF case out there that does fit the U12; the Jonsbo C2 (also goes under the Cooltek C2 rebrand name). Is even very cheap at around $45 incl. shipping from Aliexpress. Only problem, and major flaw, is that the case has barely any ventilation at all -- otherwise, it would have been perfect. It literally looks like a wider NCASE M1:

  19. armartins

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    NH-U12A that’s the one. No pump noise, no turbulence from pushing air through the vents of the case straight into a rad and it should also fit those taller GPU PCBs… imagine a Ncase M1 wide enough (or dare I say scaled up) just to fit this heatsink. GPU intakes from the bottom, CPU from the back and the front side bracket fan exhausts hot air straight out from CPU and GPU. That's the dream. And for the ones that like TG the back half of the side panel could be TG so one could see the top of the cooler and half the massive GPU, but we would need a side bracket that could be split in 2 to accommodate just the front fan. Food for thought. [email protected], [email protected]+ AVG Core, deadly silent idling, reasonably [email protected], still SFF.
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    @Necere, I know you probably don't want to commit to a price on the V6, but will the modifications you have planned raise the price significantly? I'm just trying to get an idea so I know whether to pick up a used case now or hold off for a V6.