SFF.Network Low Volume Ep. 5 - Focus

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  • Today's hosts: Joshua Ramirez, James Schell, and John Morrison.
  • Thanks to Jay Mattison, this and future episodes of Low Volume will have an accompanying video that illustrates what we discuss! Furthermore, listeners (and now viewers!) can expect podcasts to land every other Wednesday, on lowvolu.me, iTunes, and YouTube.
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  • 0:44 The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B launches, an updated version of the tiny board that brought tinkering to the masses.
    • As before, it costs merely $35. Unlike before, it provides a 64-bit Quad-Core ARM chip - made by Broadcom - that approaches 10x the performance of the last version.
    • Other features include Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11n wireless, and improved power management.
  • 6:57 Valve's Steam VR Test allows enthusiasts to see if their hardware hits compatibility and minimum specs necessary to play nice with the upcoming HTC Vive.
    • The application is likely do destroy the hopes, dreams, and wallets of enthusiasts everywhere.
    • Said one reviewer: "This game is EXTREMELY linear! I felt like I didn't even play."
  • 13:02 ASUS's new GTX 950 finally, finally, brings an option to the market that does not have power plugs.
    • Confusingly enough, even with the obvious SFF use case, the aesthetics of the GPU shroud are made to match Z170 ATX-sized boards. A missed opportunity!
  • 22:11 Corsair's Michael Hooper, a PM for cases/cooling/fans, speaks towards a growing focus on SFF during an interview with Bit-tech.
    • Given Corsair's reputation for laughably oversized mITX and mATX enclosures, we'll hold our breath and wait until some actual product come out.
    • That said, to have a major player publicly announce a focus on SFF and principles of focused design mean that a lot of what makes SFF great can now be publicized and make significantly more accessible to to builders across the globe.
  • 43:36 This episode's 'Fortnightly Favorite Fread': Diesel Engine (ITX / SFF / Console)
    • The amazing illustrations and concept art, gorgeous use of laser-cut wood, and thoughtful technical design of this console-style case won our minds and hearts over.
As mentioned above, the video and audio versions of the podcast will be simultaneously released on (every other) Wednesday moving forward! We'd love feedback on both, and appreciate the praise and comments we've received from everyone thus far. Thank you!
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