Image Credit - Lian Li / Dan Case

Dan Case and Lian Li have partnered up to launch a new mATX case aptly name the A3 m-ATX. The A3 m-ATX comes in at 20 liters of volume, but has support for twin 360mm radiators, 4.5 slot GPUs, 158mm tall CPU heatsinks, four 2.5 inch drives, and ATX PSUs. As the case is designed such that in can be inverted, and has multiple configuration options, not all of these options will be available in every configuration. There is an optional tempered glass panel, and risers to life the case off its foot. An RGB strip is included in the design.

The case also supports either SFX, SFX-L, or ATX PSUs. With a SFX PSU, you can mount GPUs up to 395mm long. Additionally, users can also mount the GPU vertically if they so desire.

Front IO for the A3 m-ATX includes a USB-A port, USB-C port, audio, and microphone port. The IO and power button are located on the top of the case.

The A3 m-ATX will be constructed with an aluminum exterior and steel core. The aluminum is 1.5mm thick, and the steel will be 1.2mm thick. Panels will mount with Lian Li's push-pin mechanism.

The case is still in the final planning stages, and may change based on user feedback. Pricing and release dates are still up in the air. Lian Li is looking for comments in their 2022 Digital Expo video, however you can also check out the official Dan A3 m-ATX case thread in the Small Form Factor Network forums where Dan is actively posting, getting feedback, and answering questions regarding the design.

CLICK HERE for the SFFN official Dan A3 m-ATX case thread.

Dan has listed the specs as:


Case Dimensions (H x W x D):
275 x 178 x 410mm, 20L
Overall Dimensions: 300 x 175 x 410mm (including case feets)

Graphic cards support: 4.5 Slot GPU up to 395mm length
Motherboard support: mATX, Mini-ITX, DTX
Power Supply support: SFX, SFX-L, ATX
CPU Heatsink support: Up to 158mm in height.
Case Fans: 3x120 at the top and 3x120 or 2x 140mm at radiator bracket
Water cooling support: up to dual 360mm radiator with 120x120x25mm fans

Drives: up to 4 x 2.5" HDD/SSD

Power button: Premium-grade button
Top IO: USB-A, Audio, Mic, USB-C

Material: 1,5mm aluminum (outer panels), 1.2mm steel (inner parts)
Side panels: Easily clipp able with LianLi Push Pin technology
Colors: Anodized black(maybe dark grey) or silver exterior, matte black painted interior

You can check out the Lian Li Digital Expo video below.