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Why should I run benchmarks?
- Your contribution(s) earn points for the team.
- It starts some friendly competition with other members of the Small Form Factor community.
- Competition helps to optimize builds and eek out performance that would otherwise go unnoticed.
- Teammates help each other by finding ways to improve their scores.
- The more points our team earns, the higher we rank among other teams worldwide.

As a lot of our builds share similar hardware inside various SFF chassis, this helps to ensure that our hardware is running at its best.

What is HWBot?
It's a website were you can browse processor and videocard specifications, and compare your performance based on thousands of submitted results. It's also an overclocking competition site. If you like tweaking your computer, you can send in your results and be handed out awards for best performing videocard / processor, etc.
- HWBOT is the official website for benchmarking/ overclocking enthusiasts.
- It's been around since 2006 as the gold standard in benchmark result submissions.
- Every record that has even been, was submitted to HWBOT for accuracy and validation.

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Now what?
Run benchmarks and submit your scores to help the team.
You can benchmark your CPU, GPU, RAM, and HDD.

3DMark submissions will require a 3DMark account, you can make one here:

Is there an FAQ where I can learn more?

If you have any additional questions, please ask them below and I will do my best to answer them.

Let the games begin!

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To submit scores, you will need to have CPU-Z and GPU-Z installed.
The programs need to be opened and included in the screenshots that are submitted to HWBOT.

3DMark can be purchased on Steam here.
Step 1. Configure your forum signature on HWBOT's page and remember the 2 underlined sections.

Step 2. Visit the URL to changes your signature on

Step 3. Select the option to input BBCode

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B. Your HWBOT u#####.png

It needs to match the following example to function on this site.

Step 5. Click on Preview to view the changes, if you're happy, click on save.
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Oct 13, 2016

Yeah the 4.1 on mine got the verification and that's it. I made a CB run at 4.0 but no heavier stress tests ran for that yet. I feel like mine will fall at 3.9 with safe voltage for daily use once I tweak some more. 4.0 if I'm lucky. Looking for b dies next but a while off on that.

With a maturing process Zen2 has a lot of promise I think.


Spatial Philosopher
Apr 1, 2016
Ah ok..:)
For cinebench r15, maximum cpu/ram frequencies i reached were 4066mhz on r7 1700x and 3667mhz on ram cas 18...but maximum score (1842) was reached with r7 1700x at 4066mhz and ram @3612 mhz with cas 16..:)
And this was not stable...i was just able to run 3-4 times in a row..:)

Cinebench is a poor indicator of stability...very far away from true stability.
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Original poster
Jun 3, 2016
Be careful about t° of ryzen cpu..


Thankfully, max temp of 56c while playing games (currently Witcher 3) @ max settings (~50c @ 12:00pm w/ lower ambient room temp).
Plenty of headroom and well within the margins of safety. The radiator fans are at just @ 890rpm (damn near silent)
Good luck doing that on an i9, haha.
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Spatial Philosopher
Apr 1, 2016
However i have to report that hibernate is not working well on ryzen while ram oc...cold boot is pretty bad on ryzen...only sleep mode is working


Spatial Philosopher
Apr 1, 2016
3791 lol score...

I should have put some constraint on cpu jord anyway lol..:)
I prefered to admit my defeat right now before your score is blocked @jØrd (as you didn't include cpu-z capture on your submission)..:)

GG to you..:D

I have created a new challenge reserved to Ryzen owner of SFF..:D


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Jul 19, 2015
@MarcParis Much Obliged, I solemnly not be be so mischievous in future challenges. fat VM's get expensive fast & technically none of my submissions on hwbot are actually eligible for points. I wasn't expecting to place in the global ranks, let alone 1st. Far more attention than I had anticipated.
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King of Cable Management
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Oct 13, 2016
May not be the perfect place to post this but it is overclocking related!

Been working on Pstate overclocking with my 1700 and Taichi mobo. I really like the fact that the added offset voltage and clock speed only kicks in on the '0' or boost state. Nice and cool and quiet when performing low intensity tasks and full throttle when you need it.
Hitting 3.8 on all cores and still under 1.35v (stock boost voltage) by a fair amount.

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Maker of Awesome | User 1615
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Mar 6, 2017
I added a few but it didn't boost us much, I'm running a fairly low end rig for now.