1. K

    Discussion Benchmark request for someone with a completely air cooled Formd T1 with a 5600X/3070 FE

    I tried finding someone in the sffpc reddit but didn't have any luck so I'm trying here... I would greatly appreciate it if someone with an air-cooled T1 with a 5600X/3070FE could do a specific Cyberpunk 2077 test for me. I have benchmarks from an Ncase M1 and Acat X2 and am curious how my...
  2. 3lfk1ng

    Join the HWbot Team.

    It's time for a little friendly competition! HWBOT is a 100% FREE to use online benchmarking repository. The rules are simple: 1. Create an account. 2. Join the team. 3. Run benchmarks. 4. Submit your results. Link to the team: Why should I...