Many thanks to CORSAIR for supplying SFF Network with this review sample.
Before we get started – SFF Network does not currently possess the hardware, testing equipment and skillset to fully analyse and opine on power supplies. We encourage readers to read other reviews and coverage on reviewed products (and this applies to all the content we produce) to ensure that valid and justified purchasing decisions are made. 
CORSAIR’s venerable SFX power supply range, regularly touted by the SFF community as the go-to power supply for any powerful builds, has a new family member – the SF850L. Today we’ll have a look at this new entrant to the market, and see if it’s up to the hype.
We’ve reviewed some of CORSAIR’s older SFX power supplies – here, and here.
A quality power supply is paramount to a reliable PC...

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Shrink Ray Wielder
Jan 25, 2018
An aside: Due to the lack of my ability to test this PSU, I've called this an "overview" and not a "review".
Actually, you can turn this lack of ability into something beneficial particularly to the SFF community by focusing more on those small details.
One eg is the mention of the 'bending radius' of the cables. This little aspect is mostly (if not all) not covered by 'regular' reviews. If you can include a pic, it could be even better.

Hong Kong here probably has the lowest retail price. A few local retail stores are selling for US$ 140 (no sales tax here). (Anyone has an even lowered retail price?)
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John Morrison. Founder and Team Leader of SFF.N
Original poster
SFF Network
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SFFn Staff
Jun 19, 2015
I'll grab some photos of the cable bending radius tomorrow after work, need to grab a new battery for my calipers!


Efficiency Noob
Apr 15, 2019
Great review and as tinyitx said, valuable info that's hard to find elsewhere. I normally wouldn't consider this PSU simply based on gold naming (purely out of ignorance on my end...)
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