Production case SX1 6.8L / SX2 7.5L by Custom_MOD


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Jan 11, 2017

Our SX2 7.5L white case is next to a regular full tower ATX case.​

As you can see, the SX2 case is quite compact due to the sandwich arrangement of the components.
▶️ ️Case size 31x20x12cm.
▶️ ️These cases are made of 1mm steel, which makes them very durable!
▶️ ️Inside the case, you can install a two-slot full-fledged video card up to 305mm long.
▶️ ️Video card is located on the back of the motherboard and is connected via PCI-e x16 riser cable.
▶️ ️Mainboards of mini-ITX format with installed cooler up to 52mm high.
▶️ ️You can also use AIO 92mm as cooling, for example Asetek 645LT.
▶️ ️Above the motherboard, you can install a 92x14mm fan to blow the VRM. This is recommended when using a liquid cooling system to cool the CPU.
▶️ ️Under the power supply, there is a place for installing a 2.5" SSD or HDD. Or an AIO radiator is installed in this place.
▶️ ️The case is supplied with an angled SFX power supply cable located at the front.
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