1. wykydtronik

    Log My Fractal Terra Build Thread!

    Hello SFF community! Over the weekend my girlfriend gave me a Fractal Terra as a birthday present! I’ve wanted a SFX case for as long as I’ve known about Dan’s Case… My only complaint about Dans case (me being in the US) was availability and how long the design process took… I watched the C4...
  2. CC Ricers

    Selling [USA] FSP SFX Pro 450W power supply

    I'm selling a SFX non-modular power supply by FSP Group, in great condition. 450W 80 Plus Bronze. Only the PSU and power cord are included. Full specs can be viewed here: https://www.fsplifestyle.com/en/product/SFXPro450W.html $40 OBO shipped to US48 Thanks for looking!
  3. G

    .STEP Generic SFX and SFX-L models 1

    Basic SFX and SFX-L power supplies models, with to-spec 6-32 UNC mounting holes positions.
  4. MarcParis

    Power Supply Silverstonetek SX750 (SFX, 750W, Platinum, semi passive)

    I just discovered yesterday that Silverstonetek is adding a new SFX PSU SX750, to compete directly versus Corsair SF750. https://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=946&bno=22&tb=14&area=en Unlike other Silverstone SFX PSU, this SX750 is packing semi passive capabilities : Release...
  5. D

    in search of the right case

    Hi all I'm looking for a case, as close to what you see in this pic. The pic shows a poorly photo-shopped Modivio case- http://modivio.com/ I need something that will hold a itx motherbaord, proper sfx psu - e.g. corsair sfx450 and room for cable management. More importantly is is able to fit...
  6. sergiiua

    Production case SXM 6.3L by Custom_MOD

    Case SXM lm 6.3L rev.4 Case SXM lm 6.3L rev.4 received a number of changes. We swapped the motherboard and video card. Now the motherboard is installed on the left, and the video card is on the right in an inverted state. It was designed for powerful computers with Core i7 processors and...
  7. D

    Cases for onboard graphics

    Hi all mentioned this before, but didn't get great responses so trying again. Looking for a PC case for itx but with decent cooling a must. in essence I'm looking for a case that is small but provides lots of cooling as the area usually dedicated to fit a large graphics card is instead used...
  8. davbojic

    New data for V6 on your web page? Mini-DTX compatible? New GPU clearance for V6? New SFX position?

    Hello. I made preorder on Ncase M1. That will be my first PC build from start. When you will change new dimensions and description for new version v6 on your web page (because now is data for v5)? Can you confirm compatibility Ncase M1 with asus AMD AM4 X570 Mini-DTX motherboard (can you put...
  9. Colinreay

    Prototype 9L Inverted Tower | SC-9

    Hi everyone! I’m super excited to show you a new case project that I’ve been working on, that is finally ready for *very limited* production and community testing. The goal of this case: Simplistic, affordable, elegant, and open source. The case’s overall volume is just under 9L (excluding...
  10. S

    Problems getting it all to fit! V4 build with 92mm AIO cooler.

    Hi All! Today I received my Dan Case SFX V4 and whilst I think its great, I think it could do with some further refinements for the AIO users like myself. I've effectively transplanted an old LGA115 Mini-ITX system into this, with two adjustments, I bought the Corsair SF-600 Gold SFX PSU and...
  11. Arrandale

    Stalled .

  12. thel3igo

    Power Supply SF750 Platninum Spotted

    https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07KZ9P5GP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_NUrlCbR3XNQGG Relevant Reddit posts: https://old.reddit.com/r/sffpc/comments/abx6uq/sf750_listed_on_italian_amazon/ https://old.reddit.com/r/sffpc/comments/abvtqg/corsair_sf750w_sfx_80_platinum_psu_spotted/
  13. S

    Concept Nano V1 - <9L, SFX, 126mm CPU space, 263mm GPU

    Hey Sff-Freaks, I am pretty new to the SFF scene with my Node202 build from this summer. But sadly the GPU temps and CPU fan noise weren't that great and thought about a better way to layout the components. Used it as an excuse to drain my hours in Sketchup and measured with that Box: By...
  14. thel3igo

    Power Supply Will there ever be a Titanium efficiency SFX PSU?

    We finally have Platinum efficiency SFX PSU's with the new Corsair SF series. There is only one (to my knowledge) smalll form factor power supplies that has titanium efficiency, and it is an SFX-L. Will @Corsair Johan or @SilverStone ever release a titanium power supply in a true SFX form...
  15. Veryaton

    Are the PSU Flex ATX valid for a powerful SSF?

    I love the SFF world, I already have one, and I would like to have another more porwerfull. I am not an expert, but I observe that one of the problems for a correct air flow lies in the bulky PSU. Even SFX take up a lot of space. I have seen that there is a smaller type of PSU, Flex ATX, that...
  16. OliverRH

    Concept The smallest ATX case with support for 2 GPU's.. 13 liters!! (I think)

    So here I am again with another ATX case, a version 2 you could say of my first prototype build! I have challenged myself to design the smallest ATX case possible, with support for a 240mm radiator. And now it has space for not only one, but two two-slot GPU's! The whole thing is 13.2 liters -...
  17. zaozabot

    10L Jonsbo V3+ Custom Gaming Build

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Ukraine. I would like to share my SFF Build, because i didn't find anything of this kind on the forum. In my opinion Jonsbo V3+ case is perfect balance between case size, cooling capabilities and performance per liter. Of course, not without some...
  18. OliverRH

    Concept Small ATX Case with focus on design - under 18.5 liter!

    Hi guys, long time no see. I am back with a new version of my small form factor ATX case, this time it is this a 3D render, but I will start making a prototype in a week or so :) The case measures H37.1 cm x D36.6 cm x W13.6 cm = 18.467 liter. So just under 18.5 liter. This case is a little...
  19. Wahaha360

    Prototype G-UNIQ ACDC, 7.7-8.5L Expandable Console Case

    Update 2019-08-25: PSU prototype received. Update 2019-04-14: I got bit by the CNC bug, making this case via Extrusion and CNC. Extrusion and CNC will give the most versatility for 2-3 sizes for this project. Thanks to an early backer, we should have enough MOQ to hit the same target price...
  20. dix_xib

    Galactic Empire A4-SFX

    The build is now completed. Thanks for following along! Regarding the designs of the different panels you can download them here. Open in Illustrator/Indesign or similar if you want to edit it. Update October 2018 Hi guys! I have gotten some questions regarding the CPU-side of the build. My...