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  1. CodeBeing

    Crazy Fast Dan Case High-End Build

    Looking for the ULTIMATE and SMALLEST build I can complete in this A4-SFX that's coming out here at the end of April, shipping early May. Super excited and have been eyeing this case for a while now! If you had UNLIMITED MONEY and wanted to build your dream gaming PC, what would you select to...
  2. RichMasTa

    PSi7 [5,7 liter] or "How to stuff a Gaming PC into a PS3 case" (work in progress)

    Hello to all the nerds around here ;) First I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the whole community! I have been reading here for some time and now it's my turn to share something with you: My first SFF built - code name PSi7 (still work in progress) Just a quick note ahead: I never...
  3. fytoKemikaL

    Showcase: Dan A4-SFX v3 w/ Delidded 8700k, Liquid Cooled

    Hi, I just wanted to share my build which I'm using for both gaming and streaming simultaneously. After delidding my 8700k and installing liquid-cooling I was able to overclock my cpu to 4,9 GHz and keep everything under or around 70 degrees Celsius under heavy usage. Of course I had to put some...
  4. Z

    Prototype Folder PC - sub 3.5L 3D printed gaming case

    Height: 216.3mm Width: 89.8mm Depth: 175.5mm External Volume: < 3.41L Easy to print Easy to assemble Quiet Internal PSU mini ITX graphics and MB Design phase is almost complete. Next update will be after the prototype is printed.
  5. sergiiua

    Prototype cases "SL itx" produced by Custom_MOD

    ... in search of a simple and convenient design ... This is a new line of cases made of steel. More strength and cheaper cost! case SL2 ix 2.9L rev. 1.1 A little more and already the power supply inside ... Specs: - Volume: 2.9L (270mm x 185mm x 59mm) - Material: 1mm Steel, Powder Coating -...
  6. A


    New to the forum. First forum I have ever joined. Names Ally and I'm from Scotland;) Not the best pics of the build but here are the specs Cerberus matx case Slate grey (side panel with window on its way) ASUS ROG MAXIMUS GENE Viii motherboard Sli enabled i5-6500k cpu AIO cooler Aigo 120mm...
  7. OptimusWC

    Giveaway of TWO 8700k GTX 1080 TI Water Cooled Gaming PCs

    Hi everybody! Optimus Water cooling is doing a huge giveaway of TWO top-of-the-line gaming computers! To enter, follow @Optimus_WC ( share this post on twitter and tag us in it. Make sure to include your SFF username. Also, leave a comment on this post. Two...
  8. Maestria

    Custom_MOD FLEX mini #001 (8700k Ultra GTX 1080)

    Hi guys, i just got my Custom_MOD FLEX mini and i wanted to share my experience with this cute case and SFF building. (And sorry for my poor English, i am French :D) It's a long time now, i m looking for a realy small case that i can use as main PC and travel with. So, I want something : - As...
  9. sergiiua

    Production Custom_MOD case SX & SXM

    Please go to the website if you want to make an order. our e-mail [email protected] case SX al 6.8L rev.6 PHOTO ALBUM This case is small in size, designed for maximum compatibility of components. You can not worry about overheating the components inside. It is recommended for assembling...
  10. sergiiua

    Production Custom_MOD cases FX mini

    Attention! Very small cases. Very compact, with internal power supply. This is your freedom without limits! Travel with a full-fledged Gaming PC. Order the Case with our modified Power Supply and get a unique look and maximum of silence with the Noctua fan You can see what models are now...
  11. B

    World's smallest mini-ITX gaming PC - 1,99L (Is it possible?)

    Hello guys! This is my first post on the forum. I'm an SFF lover, and have been following the forum for over an year. I decided making an account now and posting this thread because I think I might have had a cool idea (if it is possible to build, of course). So, basically, is making the...
  12. sergiiua

    Concept Custom_MOD case SLM1 lm 4L

    case SLM1 lm 4L Super rigid design of light aluminum ... Easy installation of components ... External power supply ... This is a small part of the advantages of our case SLM. Specs: - Volume: 4L (325,5mm x 188,5mm x 65mm) - The CPU faces up and the GPU faces up - Material: aluminum (2mm)...
  13. sergiiua

    Completed Custom_MOD MINI

    Without compromise, only a super mini case! Do not put off your life for tomorrow. Order a super mini case today! Production stopped. - Material: 1.5-2mm Aluminium, Powder Coating case MiN itx mini 3.2L rev.5.3 Extremely small case! Only for connoisseurs of super mini cases. It requires...