mini stx

  1. LegionDD

    PSU Puter - ~2L gaming PC build inside an ATX PSU

    Hello everyone, I have just finished my most compact build yet and am convinced there's no better place to get some feedback on it than here. My build fits a gaming PC (7th Gen. Intel + 1050 Ti) inside the husk of a dead, standard ATX PSU (outside volume of just 2.16L). Admittedly I have been...
  2. Curiosity

    .SKP ADTLink R43UR M.2 to PCIEx16 riser (150mm) 1.0

    Modeled this for planning for my A300-M(AX) build, so I'm uploading it in case it's useful for someone else. It's as accurate as I can manage with mechanical calipers and jeweler ruler, simple model for ease of use and also because I saw no reason to model in screws holding things together that...
  3. CC Ricers

    Concept Customizable Mini STX case

    The A300 DeskMini has just been released and I have been thinking about this for some time, but now I think it's a good time to discuss my next case concept which will be designed around mini STX boards, especially for APU builds. At a volume of 1.8 liters, this case will fit mini STX boards...
  4. Maestria

    News Sapphire FP5V, ryzen APU on mini-STX motherboard

    <1L casual gaming build ?,37408.html
  5. CC Ricers

    Concept Mini-STX cases for dedicated GPUs

    With the rise of mini STX and seeing people follow in the footsteps of putting some dedicated GPUs- like this recent build, or from one of our most notable forum members- I've decided to pursue this form factor for my next case project. This is something I cannot yet start at the moment due to...
  6. E

    Mini STX + GPU Power Supply

    I recently picked up an Asus H110S1 Mini STX motherboard. I currently have a i3-6100, 8GB of RAM, a NVME drive, and hopefully a Nvidia GTX 1060. Using this adapter "PCIe x1 to M.2 Key A+E Adapter Cable, R51S" on eBay (I'll post a link once I meet the 2 post count requirement), I was able to...
  7. CC Ricers

    Mini STX Hackintosh dev box

    This build will be mainly for web development and other programming, plus some light gaming on the side. Since retiring my very old MacBook a few months ago, I haven't been using Mac OS and am very much used to the workflow for programming there. I plan to make a dual-boot Hackintosh and Windows...
  8. hemmigumm

    Motherboard What stx motherboard?

    So, I'm going to be building a tiny system, but to summarise my question, what STX motherboard can support a graphics card and what are the ways of connecting one, some sort of m.2 slots that can adapt to PCI-E, I haven't dug enough into the details myself.
  9. jtd871

    News [THG] SilverStone Announces VT-02 mSTX Case,34270.html It will reportedly allow for use of the Intel boxed cooler or any aftermarket cooler that will fit in the same dimensions.
  10. sergiiua

    Production case SX1 6.8L / SX2 7.5L by Custom_MOD

    case SX1 6.8L rev.6 The SX1 6.8L case is the result of a long journey and a great desire to do the impossible. It was designed for high-end components such as Core i7 processors and GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards. The arrangement of the components according to the "Sandwich" type makes it...
  11. ASRock System

    News ASRock show-off Micro-STX system with MXM & TB3 @CES 2017

    Hi All ASRock are happy to display our new model - Deskmini RX/GTX @CES 2017. You can get more picture in :華擎展出具可擴充-MXM-獨立顯示卡的-micro-STX-主機板原型主機 This is prototype of Deskmini RX/GTX Considering there are so many SFF enthusiasts still need more...