Production Сase MINI 3.8L by Custom_MOD


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Sep 24, 2016
That's too bad. Are there currently any CustomMod cases that support the HDPlex 400 dc-atx?


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Aug 28, 2018
I love the style of case and I know Gury is very smart, it’s just I get nervous reading from his customers. It is a good thing you do offer the case and psu in a bundle. When will you have the estimated prices, photo album, and case options up?

What about the customer reviews have you nervous? Just curious...


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Jan 21, 2017
What about the customer reviews have you nervous? Just curious...
old quote lol. For a long while, gury wasn’t posting here all that often and there were a couple of customers whom had some small problems getting in touch with him, either to purchase his products or ask questions. At that time I didn’t know gury had mainly moved his stuff to discord and is much more vocal there.

And while there are plenty of people, both then and now, who vouch for his products,and use them everyday.... I’m still more inclined to trust the hdplex style supplies. But let me be clear, I do believe he makes good stuff based on his happy consumers.


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Aug 28, 2018
I had two PicoPSU G-Uniq out of order and I sent them for repair to Guri. 3 months have passed and no news. It hurts... :(

That is troubling...
I personally haven't had any issues at all with my unit or with Gury but I've always been a little worried about what would happen if I did. There's not really many other comparable products out there so if I had to send it back for repairs or something I'd be stuck using a regular psu externally or switching out hardware for a lower power draw. I've been considering buying a second arch deamon psu as a backup, or for a future build just in case he stops taking orders or something, but its towards the end of my wishlist at the moment.

But as I said before, I've had no issues with Gury or any of his products as of yet. I think my discomfort stems mostly from him not having the resources/convenience/track record/etc. of a more established and well-known brand. This is usually the case with most entrepreneurs getting started so I have a little more patience with slow responses or slight manufacturing defects than I would with someone like Corsair or EVGA.

Thanks for your input though, good luck!


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Jul 12, 2016
Hi There @surgiiua

I'm interested in ordering a Customod Mini 3.2L or 3.9L.

1) The 3.9L mini has BRIGHT GREEN internal motherboard tray in the photos. I really Like it.
Is this what I will receive when I order the Customod Mini ?

2) The website says, "Cases under the order until April 19th".
Does this mean that the Cut off for orders is April 19th and the items will ship out on June 10th?

Hope you can get back to me before the deadline for ordering.

ALSO, it shows as AVAILABLE on your website. Maybe you should update that?



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Jul 12, 2016
Can the Customod Mini 3.2L be ordered?
The website only has the 3.9L available for order.
I would be interested in the 3.2L
Thank You
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Mar 4, 2017
My story for anyone considering buying this case from Custom mod:
I ordered and payed for the M2 3,9l case on 24. April. On June 7th they wrote me about issues with aluminium supply and announced 14 days delay. On the 22nd June they wrote to me that the aluminium cutting took longer than expected and there will be another delay. They also stated that they can't give any ETA on shipping.
On 30th June I read on their Facebook that their shipment to the paint shop got lost on the way. I asked via email and was assured everything is fine. Ten emails and one headache later they let me know that the case arrived from the paint shop in wrong color. So after all this time I won't get the case I ordered.


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Jan 11, 2017
Hi everyone! I haven't visited the forum for a long time, but again here with news.

So, what do you think of the 3.6L case and internal PSU? If you look at the factory samples, then there is nothing suitable. However, one fan of our creativity has designed a special Power Supply for our MINI case. I know it looks unsafe and damp, but I already like it.
- Size 120 x 40 x 30mm
- Power 250W (12V)
- Overvoltage protection
- Semi Passive Cooling
A pico PSU was also made for it and all this fit into the M2 lm 4L case. Our MINI cases are the smallest and are designed to be powered by external power supplies. Now you can build an ultra compact PC with an internal power supply!



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May 12, 2017
You are just incredible. Question, can you make this case look like an Apple case? Any plan of making circular cases? Want to put together a Hackintoch.
Thank you.


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Oct 20, 2020
Do we have info about GPU compatible sizes (max. length, max. width, max. thickness)? On the website I can only see the max. length (178mm)