Closed [US-CA] NFC S4 Mini+HDPlex400w+Dell OEM 330W Power Adapter

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Selling a used NFC S4 Mini Case with power solution (HDPlex 400w+cables and Dell 330w power brick).
Got the S4 Mini around fall last year and my Dan Case A4 in the same week. Used the S4 mini setup for 2 days then moved over to Dan Case A4. Everything has been sitting in storage since then. Powered an i5-8400 and GTX 1080 mini no problem.
  • Case comes with a nice tactile clicky blue led power switch and skybracket fan/ssd mounts. Case panels are silver and front panel is black. Still have original box.
  • Comes with the siliflex pcie riser card
  • HD Plex 400w comes with necessary psu cables (power, sata, peripheral, etc.). Still have original box.
  • Dell 330w AC Adapter and power cord.
  • All in great condition.

All in USD - Paypal Invoice - USPS, Insured, etc.
1.) NFC Skyreach Mini 4 (Silver) - $150 + ($17 shipping) - Unsold
2.) HD Plex 400w Hifi DC-ATX - $75 + ($7 shipping) - Unsold
3.) Dell 330w AC Adapter - $75 + ($8 shipping) - Unsold
Bundle 1 (All 3 items) - $310 shipped
Bundle 2 ( HDPlex+Dell 330w) - $160 shipped

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