1. F

    Enclosure Louqe back from the brink with the Ghost R1 (mITX)

    After encountering financial difficulties, the Swedish company has stated that its production for the Ghost R1 is about to launch. This is an mITX case supporting up to 4 slots / 348 mm GPUs. The price is set to be 200€ for early bird orders and 240€ afterwards. Orders are anticipated to...
  2. kaiii

    Closed [US-CA] Buying Louqe Ghost S1 & Large Tophats

    Got it all thanks yall
  3. deadline

    Closed SOLD! Really pretty Louqe Ghost S1 Ash w/ large tophat and both ash + copper grill

    Batch one. Case is more or less mint, and the factory had a really good day when producing it! As I'm planning an even smaller build, this one has to go. When it comes to asking price, I'll not rob you, but won't sell with a huge loss either. :)
  4. SoadiePops

    (WIP) Portable VR Box - Louqe Ghost S1

    Introduction I am in the planning stages of building a SFF rig capable of handling VR applications and gaming. I have a pre order open for the full Valve Index kit so my goal is to build a PC capable of running VR titles on the highest settings at the highest frame rates, while still being small...
  5. S

    Louqe Ghost S1 build1

    9900k 2080ti fe 240 aio https://pcpartpicker.com/b/cvQZxr
  6. nofius

    Hello all! Newbie planning a Louqe S1 build =)

    Hello all, my experience with building dates back to my college days (when Lian-Li Mid towers were the wonderful gems, they still are). Fast forward to now, being a father and having my wife and kids taking up most if not all of my space, having endured the whole "Macs can game, just turn all...
  7. Sldr

    Louqe Ghost S1 Ash (L Tophat bottom, M+S Tophat top)

    Although I have already shared these pictures in other threads and on other forums/reddit/twitter, I thought some of you might enjoy these in a build log too. Internals are here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BBMTq4 Highlight: 8086K, Asus ROG Z390-I Gaming, 2x16GB Corsair DDR4 3200Mhz (ordered...
  8. Wahaha360

    Prototype Free Flow CPU Pump Block

    2020-09-15 : revision 9
  9. L

    CPU cooling suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm about to build my first SFF PC, and wanted some feedback on cooling, particularly for the CPU. For the case, I'm deciding between the Dan A4, NCase M1, and Louqe Ghost S1 (without a top hat). For the CPU, I want either the 9700k or 9900k, but am not sure how well the cooling...
  10. Nanook

    Nanook's build log (9900K / Asrock Z390 / RTX 2080Ti)

    Update 2019-05-15 Went to the Dancase A4-SFX to see if I can tame the 9900k with a Black Ridge. Short answer is yes... but giving up so much of the amazing potential of the 9900K. ( link here) Update 2019-04-04 Shifted my build to the SM550 for a week (link here), before moving it all to a...
  11. G

    What is your advice : Dan A4-SFX v3 or Louqe GHOST S1 MkII or Kolink Rocket ?

    All thoses cases are similar size / concept. I would like something quiet and well cooled. CPU max 95 tdp, GPU max 1080ti psu 600 watt. what case would you take ? Dan and louqe are 200 euros, Kolink is 100. huge difference. why?
  12. fabio

    Buying LOUQE Ghost (EU Countries)

    If someone would like to sell one, please, contact me! I will take it! :cool: (Payment through PayPal)
  13. N

    Concept Hackintosh with Louqe Ghost S1 and Ryzen 7 2700x

    Hello everyone, i'm planing to build a hackintosh with the latest amd Ryzen 7 2700x using the sff Louqe Ghost S1 MkII. At the moment i'm in the search for the perfect hardware but while searching for the i'm not sure for some components compatibility with hackintosh and i need some help. I'm a...
  14. deadline

    Buying Loque Ghost S1 (EU - Norway)

    Hi! If you have you want to sell yours when it finally arrives, please get in touch. :) I'm suggesting PayPal for seller/buyer protection. Kind regards Stefan
  15. deadline

    GPU Blower style vega 56/64 in SFFs

    Hi my dudes and dudettes! I'm about to build a new PC, and I wan't to use the Louqe Ghost cabinet (if I can get hold of it, that is). I also plan to get a top hat for CPU cooling going Ryzen). I have a couple of questions: 1. Due to the Loque having space for only a 40 mm ish GPU, I'm forced...