REVIVE_BOX x230, or when a laptop become a (long) NUC


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Mar 1, 2017
HI everyone, welcome .

Here's one of my "small project" that have been done in 48H, this is an idea i had a long time ago, i've finally decided to build it.
this is about custom laptop "creation", I know it isn't a desktop thing, but it's is still a small form factor thing.

So, here's the idea:

Every years, it's dozen of millions tons of electrical waste that go in our trash, it's about house electronic like washing machine, fridge, TV, and a lot of electronics gadget like phone and computer.

My concern is about laptop, You see, when a screen is broken, or a hard drive defective, or a battery dead, you can fix it. no big deal.
But when the hinge are brocken, many key of the keyboard teared, brocken frame etc etc... it quickly become more like a walking dead frame. to finally get thrown away.

many business do recycling like taking thousand of laptop from the same model and combining working part to build usable ones.

therefore, in some case, because of lack of time or profit, it's useless to spend time reusing and reselling those laptop.
some even are not "reusable" as their lvds (screen connector) is dead. So I saw hundred of motherboard, even working though, getting put to the trash.

Now.... if you put a ram, and an ssd to this motherboard, plug a monitor, a keyboard and a mice. by finding the switch on pin you litteraly get a mini pc in perfectly working condition.

So I asked myself: how can I do to use those laptop motherboard and sell them in an interesting solution ??

This is where The REVIVE_BOX project came in my head.

The idea: Teardown a laptop/ take only the motherboard/ build a custom case for it.

Here you go ( click on link for better resolution ):

(the on off switch should light up, but because of some, i burned all usb port voltage loll )

you can see the 3d printed part.

(yeaaah, this is true rgb light effect :p )

How about the specs? enough to play GTA 8 in 12K :]

i5 3320m (2.6ghz like a INTEL 20990K,XE)
intel hd 4000 (equal to gtx 5090ti)
4GB RAM ddr3 1600mhz...

Haha, it's obviously from a laptop (the model is the lenovo x230)

therefore it's what i'm mostly using for work (next to my gt72s and my tower)

it's not in reality a solid build, but it's very fast with an ssd, start in 30sec, and can show excel,word,powerpoint consecituvely in less than 10sec

I think that this is a great deal if you wan't to have a family computer, or a box next to TV for movie and co.

for the size it's around 20.9 x 30.6 cm ( 8.2 x 12.04 in)

there's also a dock with cool light effect, the arduino shouldn't stand outside but as the usb voltage inside was burned I couldn't put it inside.

So in conclusion, you get a fast multimedia computer for free, Tv, youtube, browsing and a lot more in a thin box.

how is this going to be in the future?

to be honest, this is a great project but not my priority, i know that the REVIVE_BOX ULTIMATE will be universally compatible with every laptop motherboard (using deported I/O and some key ideas)

for the price? it should be just a super small pc case, as big one are around 50usd, i think that this revive_box should not exceed 40 usd.

I hope you liked the idea.

i'll be back for my next project: SLIM_BOY !