DIY Laptop Idea?


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Feb 14, 2017
Hey so I just got an email about the new Pi-top device. It is a laptop-designed case for a raspberry pi. It has a thick, clamshell design that I think could be re-purposed into a DIY laptop, using an STX system with appropriate ventilation and mounting mods.

The screen is attached via HDMI, and is 14 inches and size with a 1080p resolution. The keyboard and touchpad connect with standard USB. There are even ports on the back that can be connected with a pass through. Once I have some extra cash, I might work on build using this.

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haha yes

Honestly though I don't know how feasible the clamshell design is for STX internals, considering it can only fit what I'm assuming is a Raspberry Pi. I feel like you have to rip all the integrated stuff (display keyboard touchpad) out and put it in another case, and use a stronger power system, which is what you said. Too bad you have to buy the entire thing which is balls-kinda expensive.

Lel we both know we're disregarding the "Pi" aspect of this thing and more of the laptop feasibility. I honestly don't know why no one has marketed a laptopesque mini itx case with display and input yet. I'm building a laptop with desktop parts myself. There's already a concept like Slabtop (radio silence) and others on the forum.
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