1. J

    Discussion 12th Gen CPU Mounting Plate

    I purchased a i7-12700k for my build and heard that with the cpu's on 12th & 13th gen once in place the pressure force in the center of the cpu causes a curvature in the cpu. I saw a YT video that showed a anti bending plate that can replace the armature for holding the cpu in place thus no...
  2. D

    CPU All those special CPU instruction sets

    I did a CPU comparison of my putt putt Athlon X4 740 against a Ryzen 5 1600. One thing that surprised me was that the Ryzen apparently lacks all those custom instruction sets like SSE and MMX etc. Then I read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streaming_SIMD_Extensions which suggests that...
  3. D

    CPU & motherboard advice

    Hi all been a long time since ive build anything so need advice on motherboard/cpu combination. The PC will mostly be used for internet, office, video, downloading, a little Photoshop/illustrator. only gaming done is football manager and cities skyline- non-graphical games The PC is on all...
  4. K

    Closed Nh-C14

    I want to build a new system in the upcoming Ncase V6, would like to build it with the NH-C14 cooler (not the nh-c14s). Willing to pay a fair price. Will need to be shipped to Winnipeg, MB Canada, unless you happen to live here I can pick it up.
  5. Analogue Blacksheep

    Cooling Sub-70mm TR4/SP3 air cooler discussion

    TR4 and SP3 being Threadripper and Epyc respectively. So, I am asking the community, using the current technology avaliable (Copper, Graphene coating, 3D Printing etc) is it possible to make an air cooler for the TR4/SP3 platform that is under 70mm? The smallest cooler out there so far is the...
  6. Analogue Blacksheep

    Cooling Taking the NH-L12S/Big Shuriken 3/etc. off before transporting my system due to weight

    If I went with a NH-L12S/Big Shuriken 3/etc. sized cooler for my portable SFF setup would I need to remove them before transporting the system? Are the coolers too heavy to remain secure on the motherboard and not cause damage? Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm asking because I...
  7. royalba94

    Closed [WTB] Threadripper Waterblock

    Looking for a TR4 Waterblock (or monoblock, depending) - Ideally the Heatkiller IV PRO threadripper block but open to offers. Thanks!
  8. Garrzilla

    CPU Running Hot, Need Help Improving It

    Finally got around to building my new PC built and the CPU is running pretty hot. The specs are: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Garrzilla/saved/VYkgLk I am using an LP53 heatsink with the A9x14 fan attached. I tried re-seating the cooler, putting new thermal paste, offset the voltage by -0.100V...
  9. n13L5

    CPU at 95W TDP, any opinions if 8 cores without multi-threading beats 6 cores with multi-threading?

    i7-8700k = 95W TDP, 6 cores, 12 threads i7-9700k = 95W TDP, 8 cores, 8 threads Which one is going to be better in... Gaming? Audio / Video editing?
  10. J

    Hardware Choices For Mini ITX Build

    Hello! I'm new to this community and would like to ask for some opinions on my next computer build. Background Information: I definitely would like my build to be in the Mini ITX size/FF. However, what I'm trying to decide is what GPU and CPU to put into it. GPU Decisions: The problem is that...
  11. TheHig

    Closed New AsRock AB350 itx/ac,

    Greetings all! Listed on EBay also. CPU sold Mobo still available. Used Ryzen 5 1600 CPU only in blister pack 140 shipped ConUS. SOLD Brand New AsRock AB350 Gaming itx/ac purchased as a combo with my new 2600 CPU. I am sharing the combo discount with the buyer to create a win for both...
  12. O

    Closed Cryorig C7 Cu Copper NEW!

    I got my hands on two Cryorig C7 Cu coolers from China. They are in the possession of my TaoBao agent (very reputable company called SuperBuy - confirmed via pics). There is a bit of an "early adopter fee" because of shipping from China, but I figured for a chance to get one of these after...
  13. BryceK

    CPU CPU Undervolting, How much did you achieve?

    Hi All, Currently I'm busy with undervolting my I7-8700. Since yesterday i'm at -0,14v and got some nice temp drop without any lose of preformance. I'm using a Intel Core I7-8700 with a Noctua NH-L9I and Thermal grizzly kryonaut as paste. my default values are as following: Max Temp of 72...
  14. Thauner

    Cooling Thicker fan on Noctua nh-l9i

    I currently use my noctua nh-l9i as cpu fan. And no surprise, it's very silent. I saw that I can get 25mm fans that fits the cooler both in the beige color and in the grey redux one. can actually fit it in my case and still have 10mm before I hit the plate. Will they perform better than the...
  15. B

    Cooling Best low-profile CPU cooler ~50mm?

    Hello guys. I'm currently working on a SFF case, that will be revealed here in January. Right now, me and my team are heaving some trouble on choosing the supported cpu cooler height My doubt is: what is the lower CPU cooler you guys consider acceptable to handle 95w cpu? Like an i7 or Ryzen7...
  16. CC Ricers

    Closed i3 4130T, Scythe Kozuti cooler

    I'm selling out parts of my main build to downsize and transition to another build. All prices include shipping in the continental US. For shipping to other regions, shipping cost is extra. GT 1030 and motherboard are already sold First, a Gigabyte GT 1030, brand new in box. It is the...
  17. SteGa

    Dan Case + 1080 Ti?

    Hi all, So i've recently (and very, very luckily) acquired both a Dan Case and an Nvidia 1080 Ti FE. I had an existing system with an i7 6700k + Noctua L9i and an ASRock gaming z170 itx mobo. So i upgraded my build with the new case and card and have a couple questions: 1: Any insight/tips on...
  18. Tephnos

    Cooling Low-Profile Cooler Suggestions

    Hi, posted this elsewhere as well but wanted a broad opinion range. In the past, I bought an AXP-100 Muscle and used it. It's a damn awkward cooler, but it cooled an overclocked (4.5) G3258 well for a side spare build and worked just fine for what it was, temps were good too, nothing to be...
  19. CC Ricers

    Closed Z97i-Plus motherboard, CPU, cooler and RAM

    No longer needing this hardware as of now. My new laptop has since fulfilled my current needs but I also want to sell to help fund my next mini case project. All prices exclude shipping. I'm selling the following: Asus Z97i-Plus motherboard - $100 (comes with box and accessories) Intel Core i3...
  20. Bambam625

    a12 9800

    Hey guys. I found the a12 9800 available on taobao, and now that amd updated their bios to allow ram timing info, the apu has amazing performance in gaming. (for what it is) Im considering doing a fully passive, extremely tiny build with this cpu. Any of you interested? ( this was just a...