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I'm selling out parts of my main build to downsize and transition to another build. All prices include shipping in the continental US. For shipping to other regions, shipping cost is extra.

GT 1030 and motherboard are already sold

First, a Gigabyte GT 1030, brand new in box. It is the low-profile, single-slot version. I never used it, just bought it from Newegg a month ago.

The system parts for sale are:
  • Asus Z97i Plus motherboard (with box and accessories) - Sold
  • Intel Core i3 4130T (35W processor) - $60 USD
  • Scythe Kozuti CPU cooler - $25 USD

The ram is a bit finicky, but both sticks work. You may have to re-seat one to get both sticks detected, if installing a new system.
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Nov 1, 2015
Edit: revised prices.
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