1. ignsvn

    News AMD Lower-Power Ryzen APU 2400GE, 2200GE

    In short, 35 W variations of Ryzen 2200 & Ryzen 2400. Look juicy. https://www.anandtech.com/show/12675/amd-launches-ryzen-3-2200ge-ryzen-5-2400ge-35-w-apus https://www.amd.com/en/products/apu/amd-ryzen-5-2400ge Correct me if I'm wrong: lower TDP means more headroom for overclocking? * Mod...
  2. BryceK

    The A-Team Vandura, a Ryzen APU Build.

    Hi All, The past few days I posted some questions concerning the build I wanted to do. I completely revamped the idea for the case and the liquid metal (which I still want to do sometime). So hereby I want to give a sneak peak of The A-Team Vandura, a Ryzen APU build I’m doing. The case in...
  3. Aki

    Modded Jou-Jye-NU-0528i with Ryzen 5 2400g

    Hallo everyone, I really wanted to test out the new Ryzen APU and do some modding for the first time in my life. And this is the result of that. Parts: CPU: Ryzen 2400g MB: Gigabyte AB350N RAM: 2x 8GB Samsung C-die OEM Stick from eBay with RAM heatsinks I got from eBay. Case: Jou-Jye-NU-0528i...
  4. U

    Ryzen APU in an InWin Chopin questions

    (AU and NZ based) So I'm building a Ryzen APU mini-ITX pc out of an InWin Chopin when the APUs release in March. I've never built mini-ITX before and I'm really excited to undervolt/overclock an APU with both Ryzen and Vega architectures to get within the 150w power limit the Chopin comes with...
  5. K888D

    News AMD APU's - CES 2018 Announcement

    AMD have released details of their 2018 lineup including 2 new Ryzen APU's which will be launching February 12th, they are the Ryzen 3 2200G ($99) and Ryzen 5 2400G ($169), interestingly no Ryzen 7 model has been announced yet. AMD are claiming that the 2400G will perform about the same as an...
  6. Kamiii

    Motherboard Q: Do mobos without vrm's for igpu work with apu's?

    I'm looking to buy the asus x370-I, since it has a six phase design over the asrock x370 itx/ac. But if ryzen+ are apu's, how would that work with the asus mobo? Since it has no vrm's for an igpu.
  7. cleveland

    Motherboard A78F2-TI

    Hey guys, check this cute little piece of tech out: I have everything needed to put it into work for a great HTPC. mSATA SSD: 128gb EVO (checked) small case: mini-box M350 (checked) fast sodimm memory sticks: 2x4gb 1866mhz HyperX (checked) spare APU: A8-7600 (checked) 19v power brick: 2x...
  8. K888D

    Production Lazer3D HT5 - Low Profile APU Case

    APUs are set to make a big comeback in 2018 with AMD's Ryzen/Vega based AM4 chips leading the way. Powerful processing and graphics on a single chip with the latest connectivity will make them a great choice for low cost gaming PC's or advanced Home Theatre PC's. Introducing the HT5, a compact...
  9. R

    Can't decide on a (compact) APU system

    Hi SFF community! I'm new here, have been lurking and learning for a while, but as I'm looking for some advice now, I registered and am now making this post. The motherboard on my last PC died , and with that PC being from 2010, I decided not to source a replacement part but rather go for a new...
  10. Bambam625

    a12 9800

    Hey guys. I found the a12 9800 available on taobao, and now that amd updated their bios to allow ram timing info, the apu has amazing performance in gaming. (for what it is) Im considering doing a fully passive, extremely tiny build with this cpu. Any of you interested? ( this was just a...