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  1. H

    Closed SYD, AU — Complete SFF PC Sale — nCase M1, 8700K, 1080Ti, 16GB 4000MHz, 500GB m.2, Corsair SF600

    Specs ----------- CPU: 8700K w/ Noctua NH-U9S & 2x NF-A9s GPU: 1080Ti w/ Arctic Accelero III & 2x NF-A12x25s RAM: 16GB 4000Mhz T-Force MOBO: Gigabyte Z370N WIFI SSD: 500GB NVME 960 Evo PSU: Corsair SF600 Pictures ----------- Why? ----------- I've moved onto Software Development as my hobby...
  2. adamik17

    8700k in the dan a4

    Could you help me choose a cooler and a motherboard for the 8700k? I'd like the motherboard to have at least one m.2 header. I'm willing to delid the cpu if it improves temps significantly. Thank you in advance.
  3. juldupp

    Selling closed

  4. L

    Smallest case fitting i7 8700k OC

    Good morning, I have been lurking these forums for a while now and finally decided to make an account to get some advise on a build I have been wanting to do for quite some time. I'm looking to build a portable (as in easily transportable by bike) powerhouse that supports an overclocked i7...
  5. E

    Cooling Salvo Studios s401 + 8700k CPU cooler suggestions

    Hey everyone! I am looking to transfer my music rig from a Fractal design Nano S to the s401 (For on the go) and am unsure of how to properly cool my CPU. I looked at the Noctua NH-L9i but many people have said that it is not up to the task. I currently have no graphics card so if liquid...
  6. fytoKemikaL

    Showcase: Dan A4-SFX v3 w/ Delidded 8700k, Liquid Cooled

    Hi, I just wanted to share my build which I'm using for both gaming and streaming simultaneously. After delidding my 8700k and installing liquid-cooling I was able to overclock my cpu to 4,9 GHz and keep everything under or around 70 degrees Celsius under heavy usage. Of course I had to put some...
  7. C

    Completed Sleek 8.7liter case w/ 8700k & Titan X

    Hello everyone! I recently built my first SFF computer case from scratch. But because Im lazy please read my post over at the LTT Forum if you got the time: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/954949-custom-87-liter-sff-case-w-8700k-and-titan-x-pascal/ Some images of the completed case...
  8. fabio

    Evolv Shift shrinked: DAN A4 rules!

    Hi guys, while I am waiting to finish my Cerberus-X build, I've decided to shrink my actual system from an Evolv Shift in a DAN case. Well, now the size is PERFECT!! Thanks to @Thehack and his frame I was able to put the Noctua A9x14 on the Cryorig C7 cu, having now a perfect balance between...
  9. P

    CPU CPU Heat Question

    Hi Sff Forum, I'm building a Dan Case v3 and am in the process of choosing a CPU. The Cpus im looking at are Ryzen Zen+ and i7 8700 / i5 8600 Series. Is there a way for me to calculate what i can expect from a specific CPU with a specific Cooler to find the best Performance / Temperature...
  10. Z

    Brickless S4M 1080 Ti 8700k Advice

    Hello, long time lurker but first time poster... Finally made an account today. When I first saw the S4 I immediately fell in love. It's such a pleasing case to look at, and the amount of power you can cram into it is absurd. I've been doing a bit of searching and this is what I've come up with...
  11. petricor

    Brickless S4M w/ GTX1080 and i8700k - Dual PSU *completed*

    This will be (another) attempt to squeeze both a GTX1080 and a 8700k into a brickless Skyreach S4 Mini - inspired by @JarrettP 's solution using two separate power supplies, but going for a passively cooled combo of a HDPLEX 160W for the motherboard, and a 200W Mean Well PSU to power the...
  12. Nanook

    Dancase A4 v2 workstation

    Workstation build for CAD and 3D rendering. Dancase A4 v2 Black i7 8700K CPU Z370i Strix motherboard 32gb 2133mhz ram 1tb M.2 SATA drive Nvidia Quadro P4000 Silverstone SX-650 PSU Asetek 545-LC 92mm AIO Noctua NF-A12x15 fan Portable workstation for work days when I need to do lots of Solidworks...
  13. AFourEyedGeek

    RVZ03 build but no CPU cooler yet

    Mon: LG 34UC80-B - 3440 x 1440 @ 75hz FreeSync. MB: MSI z370i Gaming Pro CPU: Intel i7-8700k RAM: 16GB 2x8GB 3200MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX - I regretted this purchase 3 minutes later but couldn't get a refund. GPU: AMD Vega 56 - This is the only reused internal component. SSD: Crucial...
  14. S

    The quest for the best SFF gaming rig money can buy in 2018 !

    Hello guys, i have been toying with the idea of building the perfect most high-end money no object SFF gaming machine, but i need advice on the parts, so far i came up with these : CPU : Intel Core I7 8700K + Delidding Tool + Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra MOBO : ASRock motherboard Motherboards...
  15. alidarkstone

    Darkstone's - Phanteks Evolv Shift X Build 2018

    Hi everyone, My new project is %85 completed. Thats it my case. This case is unique in the World beacuse I'm using first time with that case Monsta Radiator :) This project is not completed yet because my orders are shipped but not arrived. Hard tubes and Fittings for Hard Tubes. If you don't...
  16. MultiDoc

    Ncase M1 v5 build - Max on air...

    Hello everyone, Before going forward (this thread/build will be a while), just a bit of background. I’ve always have been and will remain dedicated to air cooling, accepting the pros and cons of course. This time for this PC I wanted to finally build one in a mini case with max performance and...
  17. J

    What cases are you using? No GPU Build with 110mm tall heatsink

    Title pretty much says it all - what are you using? I'm think I'm going to go with the Noctua D9L to cool an 8700k, but so far haven't been able to find a case that will fit a heatsink of it's size that doesn't leave space for a GPU - even though its not a 'big' heatsink as such.
  18. Beatmachinery

    Music Production/Live performance PC Advice

    Hello! Im completely new with the concept of mini PCs. I want to build a PC to perform live and I was thinking on the S4 case cause I could mount it inside a custom build rack , next to other gear. I Use Ableton Live and I use E drums and a bunch of MIDI controllers , so my project is big (but...
  19. Maestria

    CPU i7 8700k Delided and Silver IHS from der8auer team

    https://www.caseking.de/en/detail/index/sArticle/47565 Just ordered mine. It's very expensive but i need it for my small build. 8700k can be very toasty. Der8auer said on a comment of his video that "We are working on that as we speak :) 1-2 days and they will be available"