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    SFF volumes for form factors

    I think 20L mATX/ATX (with 7 slots) is somewhat reasonable. For ITX, I'd say 10-15L if you want watercooling and an internal PSU, but if you're okay with small coolers, risers, and possibly power bricks, 10L becomes more of a maximum. Of course, you can always make a case much smaller - there...
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    Help with 4K build

    For your use case, it's got the same features as an A4, just bigger. It's also cheaper though, so have at it. Using a Cryorig C7, you likely won't thermal throttle, but the CPU will get quite toasty.
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    Just wondering someting...

    The Apex MI-008 looks an awful lot like the Element Q. In fact, I'd even say it is the Element Q, just with a different front panel.
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    Help with 4K build

    Ncase M1, while it's great, doesn't fit in most backpacks. You may want something like a Dancase A4 - while it won't thermal throttle if you get a good enough cooler, the CPU will definitely get hot. Some people have been able to watercool their A4 by using an external PSU, but with a full...
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    The space inefficiency thread

    7 PCIe slots to two...
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    A way to mount 3.5 inch HDD under 120mm fan mount

    If you insist on having a 3.5" drive (future proofing for a size not available in 2.5"?) I can 3D print a bracket for you. It won't look super pretty, but it should work just fine. Just play around with drive placement, making sure that you can see all 4 screw holes on the bottom of the drive...
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    News Samsung releases 32gb sodimm DDR4 modules

    I think adapters exist that allow you to use a SO-DIMM in a full size DIMM slot.
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    usb to M.2 NVME?

    I don't see any kind of advanced chips on there, looks like it's just a pass through converter with some power filtering or something. This adapter isn't even for SATA, it's for U.2 To my knowledge, conversion from NVMe to USB or SATA is impossible. Your best option may be to use something like...
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    SFF.Network GIGABYTE reveals next-gen 16-core Atom Server ITX board

    I thought the photoshoppery was obvious? Quite flattering, thanks
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    Enclosure VR HTPC case options..

    The Node will work, but speaking from experience, cable management is a pain.
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    Power Supply 4-pin external power brick and 5.5mm/2.5mm DC connector

    There looks to be enough space on the back that you could try drilling a large hole and then fasten it with loads of hot glue. Won't look pretty, but it'll get the job done. If you're patient, you could try filing the hole to a more exact size.
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    L shaped risers?

    Looking at your profile, I see that you joined today - perhaps this is to prevent bot spam. I wouldn't fold the riser, but it can bend. Don't do hard angles, curve it.
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    L shaped risers?

    In the shape of an L on her forehead (sorry i had to...) You mean a PCIe riser? Unless the case comes with one, it's probably best to go with a flexible riser, hard risers need to be pretty precise. As for editing your post, there should be an edit button
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    SFF project advice

    If you're trying to run DC current through it from a brick, then technically it can be done. However, since those connectors are meant for AC, someone, even you, could end up accidentally plugging an AC cord into it and frying it, thus I would never do it. I would instead look into an XT90...
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    1 water cooling loop for both CPU and GPU...

    I'm no waterflowologist, but I would think that the coolant would take the path of least resistance, so only one component would get cooled unless each loop has its own pump.