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    Completed Portable Raspberry Pi 3 Game Console

    Great guide! Had a questions. If you had a shorter ribbon cable, would it be possible to install a larger battery? It seems the hump it creates limits the battery size
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    Completed Project Thin-X case: Super small, super flexible

    If you are located in the EU I can highly recommend thelaserhive for affordable laser cutting of acrylic. The people who work there are great and super helpful with anything you might need.
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    Custom NUC case questions

    Hi guys, haven't posted in awhile! We are currently renovating the apartment, and unfortunately the NUC does not pass the WAF (Wife acceptance Factor). Our apartment is modern looking, and well, that NUC in it's blocky case is ugly. So I decided to build a new case! Dimensions would be 19 x 12...
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    Why aren't there more silicone based cables?

    @darksidecookie : Nah. If that was the true their riser cables wouldn't be rated so high. @ignsvn : Neat's an extension. And then after that you need to plug in one of those fatty mc fat fat usb 3 cables.
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    Why aren't there more silicone based cables?

    Why aren't there any other manufactures producing silicone riser cables / USB3 headers? HDplex is the *only* company that provides these. Why? The benefits of massive: thin. reliable. Look at HDplex's IO Cable: LOOK AT HOW THIN THAT CABLE IS. Does anyone not realize what a huge bulky...
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    Audio UPD.3: REVIEW of Mini GTX 1070 Cards (NFC S4 case)

    @Josh | NFC MSI Aero fits nice!
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    Closed i7 6700t $200 shipped

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    Sonnet MXM TB3 eGPU

    The issue I have with MXM is the price. Hopefully products like these will help combat that.
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    GPU Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    @ceski So to confirm, there was coil whine with an SFX Psu?
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    Enclosure Top 5 best Mini ITX Case in 2017

    HG Osmi
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    Stalled Iris 16 - RGB Vandal Button

    Since space is limited inside the switch, would it be more efficient to replace the push button switch with a capacitive touch one? I apologize if this is a silly question.
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    @Broxin Ah, I took a dremel to it as well. I didn't trust my shaky hands to cut as close as you did.
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    S4 MINI Classic (S4M-C)

    With the MSI 1070 Aero itx, the HDplex DC connector don't fit no matter how you flip it. I ended up cutting a small hole in the back like Josh reccomended before.
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    Smallest Motherboard with GPU Support?

    @Josh | NFC Out of much did those MXM cards go for?
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    Streacom F1C Evo WS GPU Mod

    @ondert Card is too long I think. While the case is listed as 197mm in length, that's from the outer edges. Inside space, more like 187mm when you take into account the aluminum thickness.