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    Discussion RTX 3000 Series ITX Cards

    How long is this VGA?
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    [Ncase M1] Custom Watercooled, dual-240 mm Radiator, 8700K + 1080 Ti

    OMG! Please, post more pics from this project! :cool::thumb:
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    SFF Forum Giveaway: Win an ASRock Fatal1ty X370-Gaming ITX/AC, or a surprise swag package!

    My current rig: CPU: Intel G4560 Cooler: Box RAM: 2x4GB DDR4 Crucial value Mobo: Asus B250m GPU: XFX 470 4GB single fan PSU: Corsair C600 SSD: 250GB Samsung 960 EVO Case: Corsair 400C :mad::mad::mad: Planning to build rig: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 3600MHz Gskill Ripjaws 5...
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    Completed Custom_MOD MINI

    Hey @sergiiua, did you receive ours cases? Are they being sent today, or just another day?
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    Production Lazer3D LZ7 - Quiet Gaming Cube PC Case

    It uses the third type of connector in this photo: Also, here the G-Unique small mount connector dimensions (credits to SERGIIUA):
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    GPU Gigabyte GTX 1080 mini itx

    NIIIIIIIIIIIICE! Come here to dad, 1080 Mini! XDXDXDXD
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    Prototype Small ATX Motherbord Case!! (Updated!)

    It was incredibly beautiful, congratulations! When will the sales start? XD
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    Completed Custom_MOD MINI

    Did you have any pics for this change? Or prototype made in PC?
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    Motherboard ASRock X370 Gaming-ITX/ac and AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac

    Hey guys, this product could be a solution for 'bad heatsink' from asrock`s motherboards?
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    Completed Custom_MOD MINI

    Hey @Skeo and @Curiosity! I have a question for both: What type of freight was shipped to you? Also, the tracking code began with what letter (R, L, C, E)? I'm a little worried because here in Brazil the orders that are sent in the economic freight (stars wirh R letter) take many days to be...
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    Prototype jottwehh 3.99l

    @jottwehh, any news?
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    Completed Custom_MOD MINI

    I liked the little feets that were used in the case! Is this the default for all sent cases?
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    Motherboard GIGABYTE AB350N-Gaming WIFI

    Nevermind, you asked.
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    Completed Custom_MOD MINI

    Hey @Ketchup, could you please measure the length and width of your video card?