End of an Era: The NCASE M1 Classic Production Stopped BUT NOT Dead… (UPDATED!)

UPDATED..with Good News Everyone! The original story was based on an earlier post from NCASE’s site, but we have some very good news. While the M1 in it’s current form has been discontinued, NCASE’s founder has reached out and let us know that NCASE is far from dead, and a successor of sorts is in development. This is excellent news, and NCASE has updated their website to reflect it.   The original story is presented below so everyone can still see my tearful farewell. _______________ Original Story Below______________ The legendary NCASE M1 has been discontinued. There are some stories that …

Forum Feature: Sliger SM550/560

In a semi-regular series, we will have a short look at various projects and one-off builds in the forum. This is not a paid promotion in any way, just a selection of cool stuff we like! For those who dont know Sliger, you may be familiar with some of their work. They have built a strong portfolio in the SFF scene, producing cases such as the DSE Breathe and the Chimera Industries Cerberus. Today we are going to take a look at something new from them, the SM550 and SM560 cases, part of a series that spans the SM550, SM560, …

Performance Per Litre – An Interesting Metric

One of the more challenging threads on our community forum recently, has been focused entirely on seeing who’s system had the best performance density on the forum. Whilst benchmark competitions have usually been reserved for the wealthy, or the sponsored, this one has the ability to change that with a factor that our community excels at – creativity and going ever smaller. Not by having the fastest system, but the fastest per litre, our users can ‘compete’ on size as well as performance. Tweaking, overclocking, custom cases, smaller power supplies, and the like, are all valid ways to improve one’s ranks. The …

How STX Changed My View of SFF

This article marks a return to my editorial content – occasional articles entirely based on my personal opinion. These are part of a series focusing on issues in the SFF niche. All content is entirely opinion of myself, not of SmallFormFactor.net, and should not be taken as fact. For years, I was a Micro-ATX SFF stalwart. I never truly believed M-ITX could offer all I needed in a system, with lackluster networking, audio and storage solutions, as well as just poor physical design. CPU coolers sat too close to RAM or expansion slots, minimal drive expansion was available, and the …

Exploring Taipei – A Photo Essay of Sorts

Throughout our time at Computex 2017, the SFFn team focused mostly on covering the event. However, we’re not above a little exploration, and we decided to share a few snapshots into our Taipei based adventures. Keep in mind a few of these are photos taken with potato phone cameras, so the quality may not be up to our usual standard! No captions, attributions or locations are given – feel free to query any picture in the forum and we’ll try to remember the location and subject!