Performance Per Litre – An Interesting Metric

One of the more challenging threads on our community forum recently, has been focused entirely on seeing who’s system had the best performance density on the forum. Whilst benchmark competitions have usually been reserved for the wealthy, or the sponsored, this one has the ability to change that with a factor that our community excels at – creativity and going ever smaller.

Not by having the fastest system, but the fastest per litre, our users can ‘compete’ on size as well as performance. Tweaking, overclocking, custom cases, smaller power supplies, and the like, are all valid ways to improve one’s ranks.

The rules are clear;

  • Picture of actual PC
  • Volume calculated with exterior dimensions of case WITH power brick(s)
  • CPU-Z / GPU-Z screenshots obligatory
  • CPU-Z must be run on “Benchmark” and validation link saved with your username
  • GPU-Z must be on the first tab when doing screenshot with a dedicated GPU
  • Heaven Benchmark on “Extreme” preset
  • PPL is calculated by (CPU-Z Multi Thread score * Heaven Benchmark score)/Build Volume rounded to nearest thousand.
  • This is a friendly competition, keep it clean and civil

So, join in, join our forum and see where you rank! Remember, this is a friendly thread with no prizes, but it’s insanely fun nonetheless!

What’s your system’s PPL? Can you beat my DeskMini?