r/SFFPC Desk Mat

Our friends over at r/SFFPC have released their much anticipated desk mat as a group buy. If you’re in need of a desk mat (or even if you’re not) & want to show some love to the SFF scene, then it’s well worth a look. The purchase link can be found here.

Forum Feature: Sliger SM550/560

In a semi-regular series, we will have a short look at various projects and one-off builds in the forum. This is not a paid promotion in any way, just a selection of cool stuff we like! For those who dont know Sliger, you may be familiar with some of their work. They have built a strong portfolio in the SFF scene, producing cases such as the DSE Breathe and the Chimera Industries Cerberus. Today we are going to take a look at something new from them, the SM550 and SM560 cases, part of a series that spans the SM550, SM560, …