Pre-Orders For Lazer3D’s LZX-15 (M-ATX) Case End Today

  Those wanting to pre-order the Lazer3D LZX-15 (M-ATX) are down to their final hours to make their purchase. The pre-order drive ends tonight for what is arguably one of the nicest looking cases to come to the SFF market. The LZX-15  supports ITX or m-ATX motherboards, dual 240mm AIOs (ITX only), and 320mm long 4-Slot GPUs. The LZX-15 starts at £149.96, and is approximately £215 as built in the pictures above. You can check out the pre-order page by CLICKING HERE.  

L91 Builds Lazer3D LZX-8

  With the announcement of several smaller RTX 4060 and 4060Ti GPUs, it’s a good time to look at some builds using similar sized cards. I also need to filter through the backlog of YouTube videos I should have posted links for. In this case (Ha!), we have L91, seen above prepping for his career as a F1 Crew Chief, performing a nicely balanced build-up of a Lazer3D LZX-8. Lazer3D is one of the earliest custom builders for the SFF market and is unfortunately often overlooked. However, their cases are quiet good, and have a lot of power packed into …

LAZER3D Launches M-ATX LZX-15

  LAZER3D has opened up pre-orders for the latest SFF PC design: The LZX-15 (M-ATX). As you have likely guessed by the name, this 15 liter case has support for mATX motherboards as well as more SFF friendly ITX boards. The case also supports up to 320mm, 4-slot GPUs in certain configurations. If an ITX board is used, it’s possible for a dual 240mm radiator setup. These are just a fraction of the possibilities as the LZX-15 is highly configurable, including as a server with 6 x 3.5″ drives.     While the default color is black for the case, …

Lazer3D Launches the HT5 – and a Giveaway!

We looked at Lazer3D’s HT5 case a short while ago, and it came away with a fantastic rating. The case is now available for purchase at Overclockers UK and via! For more info on the launch, click here. With the launch, let’s give one away! The review sample unit that Lazer3D sent to SFF Network is up for grabs – including the one-off laser etched faceplate. To enter, all you need to do is comment in the forum thread (click here) – let us know which of the Lazer3D products is your favourite – the LZ7, the HT5 or …

Lazer3D’s CG7 Cravo – Flexibility

Initially known as Project Gregory in the SFF Network forums, the CG7 is touted as a flexible, customisable, SFF chassis with so many options to choose from it boggles the mind. Instead of offering a single setup, options, be it at time of purchase, or via included components, mean that your CG7 will be different from any other. Two configurations are available – Mini-ITX with a TFX power supply, or Flex-ATX (i.e not full width M-ATX) with a DC-DC power supply option. We’ll look more into both below. The important aspect here is that this is an indie case with …

Lazer3D’s HT5 – HTPC with Lasers.. Sorta

Indie cases, the major driver of our community forum and niche, come in many shapes and sizes (preferably small). Lazer3D recently approached me to try a couple of their products that are in final development – the HT5 and the CG7. Whilst the CG7 is due to launch in November, the HT5 has a September launch. Guess which one we’ll look at first? Aiming squarely at the premium HTPC market, the HT5 offers a customisable chassis with various material finishes. Wood finishes? Yes please! Let’s have a look at how far the acrylic case market has come in the past …

SFFLab at Computex 2018

SFF Network’s COMPUTEX 2018 coverage is sponsored by SilverStone, who’s celebrating 15 years of innovation in SFF and beyond. Click here to check out their website and to learn more about their latest products. When we went to go see the Chimera Mach One chassis that was announced yesterday, we were also treated to a show of a large range of the SFFLab products. Most of these you all know and love, but some are new products, which we will focus on! Let’s go visit the lab.   The new M1 Windowed Panel was on display!       Not …