SFFLab at Computex 2018

SFF Network’s COMPUTEX 2018 coverage is sponsored by SilverStone, who’s celebrating 15 years of innovation in SFF and beyond. Click here to check out their website and to learn more about their latest products.

When we went to go see the Chimera Mach One chassis that was announced yesterday, we were also treated to a show of a large range of the SFFLab products. Most of these you all know and love, but some are new products, which we will focus on! Let’s go visit the lab.


The new M1 Windowed Panel was on display!




Not an SFFLab product, but on show, to present to the media that small volume SFF is a driving force in innovation, alongside the other SFFLab products.




Pointy feet!




After the successful Kickstarter, the Wallye Tactik is now in the throes of early production, with units on display for media to check out.

This amazingly flexible bag is designed for the SFF owner on the go. High quality production means this bag should last a long, long time.

Flexible, padded dividers are included, which velcro to the sides, the base and themselves to allow virtually limitless layout configuration. Notable above the divider inner here, is one of two Wallye keyboard bags – this is the smaller, tenkeyless focused bag.

The other keyboard bag supports most full sized boards with detachable wrist rests. The partially configured Wallye bag to the left also shows off one of the carrying options – backpack straps. Other options include a shoulder strap, duffle-style handles, and an extra handle for pulling the bag out of an overhead compartment on an aircraft.

Wait.. this is a carry-on capable bag? Yep. Designed to comply with airline restrictions on luggage sizes, this bag can be carried on on most regular airlines!

NCase compatibility with much room to spare, including a spot for your full sized keyboard.

DanCase? Yep.

With room for peripherals, cameras, lenses, etc.

Of course we can’t forget the NFC Skyreach Mini!

The dividers can also be placed horizontally or attached to themselves, leading to so many layout options, it’s not funny.

Expect a review of this bag in the coming weeks!

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