Retro Relook: Pocket PCs


It’s time for this weeks Retro Relook. This week we delve into Pocket PCs of the 1980s. These were supposed to be full featured machines for their time, and came  complete with BASIC, the ability to print and load programs, and were meant for serious work. Today, they’re a forgotten part of SFF computing history.


First up, we have The 8-Bit Guy showing us a long list of 1980s pocket computers. He goes through numerous models, and in his unique style, shows them in detail.


Next up we have Jeff Tranter with his deep dive into the Radio Shack TRS-80. How deep and detailed does he go? Seriously. I’m asking because his info was so thorough I fell asleep when he started talking about arrays…


Lastly, we have NetLogix doing a teardown of a Tandy PC-6.


Wow…you made it this far. Let me reward you with a link bonus video…