PSA: Only five days left for the SFF Forum Swag Sale!

It was over a week ago that we kicked off a Teespring campaign for various SFF Forum swag, but with just five days left, time is running out to get your hands on our first-ever branded gear – emblazoned with our shiny new logo, no less!

Though time may be limited to put in an order, the good news is that our campaign easily reached our MOQ (minimum order quantity), meaning that all orders are guaranteed to be made and shipped. In fact, we’ve already had reports of some folks getting shipping notifications for their orders, with shirts and hoodies slated to arrive to the earliest orders this week!

This is a limited edition run, and we can’t guarantee that we’ll do subsequent runs in the future. Furthermore, through Teespring, we’ve been able to nail down no-nonsense pricing and reasonable domestic and international shipping charges, to boot. Consequently, if you’ve been eyeing that humorous t-shirt… well, now may be the time to pull the trigger.