Intel Manages to Get a 16 Core Xeon Under 45W.. With a Few Catches

Intel has launched their Xeon D-1571 SoC, a 16 core server and workstation class CPU that supports hyperthreading. This System on Chip SKU is based on the Broadwell architecture and Intel has managed to get it to run at 45w TDP! An amazing feat of engineering considering the CPU has 16 cores and HT, making 32 threads.

This is an embedded style SoC though, and will only be available on pricey, but sturdy, server and workstation boards from the likes of Supermicro (like the one pictured above) and Tyan.


Spec sheet courtesy of CPU-World.com.

The catches? Well, it is an embedded product, meaning you can’t just slap this in your consumer board and go. The other caveat is that the SoC is clocked at a measley 1.3GHz. Server board vendors will buy the Xeon D-1571 at $1,222 a piece in 1000-unit quantities.

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