Udoo at Computex 2018

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The Udoo Bolt, an embedded board currently in the process of a Kickstarter campaign, was on show at Computex 2018!

The board features an integrated AMD Ryzen V1000 APU, dual DDR4 support (with ECC if you desire!), three M.2 slots, and is Arduino compatible. At 12x12cm, this is even smaller than STX, albeit with the limitation of an embedded processor. Let’s see how this awesome piece of kit looks!

This thing is tiny! And surrounded by stickers..

The feature density of this board is insane, it’s right up our alley!

The “normal” side – regular outputs.

Less normal IO!

The front of the board features a pair of USB3 ports, and a headphone jack.



The underside of the board, with the three M.2 slots – only one of which supports NVMe. For more information, check out the forum thread or the Kickstarter link above.

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