Supermicro at Computex 2018

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Walking through the hectic show halls of Computex 2018 towards another meeting, we spied something a little different from the traditionally server focused Supermicro. A consumer orientated M-ITX board? Let’s have a look!

Not a bad showing at all from a company that doesn’t traditionally cater to the consumer market. It seems Supermicro has taken their (immense) server expertise and translated it into a retail motherboard with some solid choices in regards to features. Even RGB is present!

A typical Z370 motherboard IO has been selected, which means that Supermicro has been paying attention to the market. I feared RS232 and parallel connections here!

Whilst this isn’t the highest end of boards, it does come with Supermicro’s engineering – the same engineering tha enabled them to be in the top tier of the whitebox server market – something that doesn’t happen without reliability and robust design.

Supermicro’s server nous is showing a little here, with a somewhat disappointing sounding “Single processor” and “Non-ECC” denotations – standard fare in the server world.

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