STREACOM Previews Modular PSU Concept – the ZS800

A concept that has been played with a few times in our forum, including by J-Hack,  STREACOM has previews a modular power supply concept – splitting the AC-DC and DC-DC conversion into separate components for easier cable management. The concept is both usable as a normal power supply solution, as well as supporting the (hopefully) incoming ATX12VO specification.

Simply put, the AC-DC conversion is done in the SFX portion of the power supply, and the DC-DC portion is taken care of the direct plug ATX 24 pin module – meaning that instead of 24 wires (and sleeving, usually) snaking through your case, you end up with 6. The power supply is rated for 800W, so is capable of powering most SFF systems with room to spare.

As extra features, STREACOM is also working with a user replaceable 120 x 15mm fan design(!!!), and app-controlled or USB-controlled fan profiles.


More information in the discussion thread, and on STREACOM’s news page here:

I saw this on a Gamers Nexus video and was excited at the possibilities. Technically, it's an SFX-L-sized power supply with right-angle power connectors, and a swappable fan would work very well in SFF builds. If successful, this might be THE go-to PSU option. You can also find it on Streacom's website.


Spatial Philosopher
Mar 6, 2016
So did @Thehack, albeit in 2019.

Indeed, though I can't help but wonder how much it's going to cost...
Even better:

I implemented it in 2018 with an ATX PSU.