SFF.Network [SFF Network] Lian Li Stealth Launches the PE-750: A 750W Platinum SFX-L PSU

Who doesn’t love unexpected surprises?

Eagle-eyed member of the forum iFreilicht has turned our attention to a new listing on Newegg for Lian Li’s highly-anticipated PE-750, which currently lays claim to the title of the highest wattage SFX-L power supply available, let alone the highest wattage SFF-oriented PSU more broadly.

Most know of Lian Li as a manufacturer of popular (if not occasionally curious) aluminum enclosures, so the company’s entry into the power supply market is a notable departure from their traditional offerings. SFF Network actually covered the unexpected announcement of the unit (alongside a 550W Gold-rated SFX-L PSU) in early April, and the development took the industry by surprise, while simultaneously gathering intense interest from the SFF community...

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Jessica. Wayward SFF.n Founder
Silver Supporter
Feb 22, 2015
It made me wonder if the Silverstone's PP05-E short cable set would work on the Lian Li unit.

Maybe. The PCIe cables end up with the 12V and ground all in the same places, but the sense wires are arranged differently. I don't know that either PSU uses the PCIe sense wires so they may be interchangeable, I didn't try. Repinning should be possible though.

The Molex and SATA look to have the same pinout.

The Lian Li has 4 extra wires that split off from the 24-pin to a second connector. It will turn on without those sense wires plugged in so it may be possible to use the SilverStone 24-pin cable at the risk of slightly worse voltage regulation but I need both of these units to work for future testing so I didn't try.

CPU cable is the same if I recall, don't have it in front of me right now.