News Section Rules & Guidelines

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Welcome to the News Section

This is a unique area of our website, that couples user-submitted posts with aggregated news feeds of SFF-relevant content from across the web (including our own publication). These posts are formatted in a readable, article-style format, with the threads for each article acting as a comment section to foster discussion.

Explaining our News Bots

SFF.N 'News Bots' have been configured to automatically aggregate articles and videos from a curated selection of trusted sources. Over time, we will update our list of sources and selection criteria, as we optimize for the best balance of quality and relevance to our community.

As of today, you can expect SFF-related content from the following sources to automatically be shared in the News section:
Posting on the News Section

If you've come across an article about a topic not yet covered here, we invite you to share it with the community! Just keep in mind the following before posting here:
  • Posts should be newsworthy – as in, a recent and notable development – as well as relevant to SFF
  • Posts should only share articles from reputable publications, YouTube channels, and so forth
  • Posts should copy the title and first paragraph verbatim from the news source, and must include a link to the full article
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