SilverStone at Computex 2017 – Workstation and Server

Members of the forum are aware of this, but I’m a workstation and server nut. I love systems built for purpose, for work. Possibly because I work so hard in everything I do! When we visited the SilverStone booth at  Computex 2017, I was in awe of some of the hardware they had on display – cases and accessories built for purpose, for work!

Sitting next to the bolder RVZ04, a much subtler chassis sat, the VT02. Much more my style!

A couple of NUC cases and an external optical (what’s that?!) drive were nearby.

Ah-hah! Workstation and storage stuff! From the left, the CS01-HS, CS280, TS433-TB, and a TS231U sneaking in the picture from the right.

Accessories galore. From the left again – TS11-C, TS12, MMS-SSD (?),  TS15, UC01, QIB052-D, and a couple of products that escape my memory.

Bay devices! These enable those of you who still have 5.25″ bays in your case to add many, many more drives. From the left – FS305, FS304, FS303, FS212.

The CS280, like a Sugo, but with 8x 2.5″ drive bays in the front. Do want. (Lots Of Storage In A Sugo!)

Another shot of the FS304/ The aluminium finish adds a touch that isn’t usually seen on the traditionally plastic hot-swap bay products.


This NAS-style TS-421 has a Mini-SAS SFF-8088 connector on the back for connecting to a workstation with such a port.

The TS231U-C has a more consumer friendly eSATA and USB3.0 port on the rear.

Need an adapter? Chances are SilverStone has you covered.

Mmmmm rackmount servers… I’ll take one of each.

This powerful little guy can charge 10x USB3.0/3.1 devices at up to 2.4A each. Yup.

Designed for 3.5″ SBCs, this isn’t a case you’ll see in retail.

And a NUC case, because why not?

James checking out SilverStone’s Fortress box – a smaller Thunderbolt eGPU/expansion box.

Just a blank PCB for now, but this eDevice enclosure could be handy when development finishes! On second look though, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the AKiTiO Thunder2/3 box.

Now for a selection of the more interesting adapter cards.

This USB 3.0 Type-C front panel upgrade unit is handy for upgrades and scratchbuilders alike! Unfortunately I cannot yet find a product listing for it.

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