Reeven at Computex 2017

Reeven, purveyors of small coolers such as the Steropes, Vanxie and Brontes coolers, had a small showing at Computex 2017 – alas with nothing truly small on display. After berating the team about this, I inspected a few platform agnostic items – fans, RGBs, and the like.

Polariz, a 5.25″ bay fan controller. Not really SFF but I quite like the aesthetic. The large knurled knobs double as the controls as well as the displays.

Enter the RGB! The Kiran fans (no product page yet) can be controlled with a single controller (see below for thoughts on this). The addition of a frosted ring around the outside of the fan adds to a more subtle effect than the outright glaring RGB LEDs found on other fans.

RGB Strips, known as Twila. The Hans is a tower CPU cooler featured in this demo system.

Notable in this system is the use of two styles of RGB strips – clear and frosted. As with the above Kiran fans, the frosted adds to a subtle effect. The major issue here is that while both the Kiran and the Twila products are controllable, they are not compatible with each other, leading to a rainbow of colours in your case. I made my opinion on this known to Reeven – develop a controller that can control both their RGB product lines!

Two variants of Reeven’s upcoming Naia 240 were on show.

The first, a RGB variant, the second, a white LED version. Both have AM4 support, and both have the ability to add and dye the coolant inside. A missed bonus here would be clear tubing to add to the coloured coolant effect.

The Justice II cooler is a smaller 120mm tower. The exciting part of this particular model though is the new coating – a thin, baked on black coating. Not quite black nickel or powdercoat, this matte finish is indeed attractive.

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