Enermax and LEPA at Computex 2017

Enermax, once a major player in the enthusiast ATX PSU market, unfortunately settled into obscurity over the past few years. Determined to change this, they have put a lot of development into new products, some of which are decidedly intriguing. Along with their sister brand LEPA, they put on a solid showing at Computex 2017.

Enermax SteelWing Computex 2017

Of course Enermax had the SteelWing chassis we reviewed a few months ago on display!

Enermax LEPA Computex 2017

Still an awesome little case and it was great seeing it in person. Here it is displayed alongside one of the Enermax Revolution SFX power supplies which we also reviewed.

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RGB? But of course! LEPA’s Chopper ADV.RGB fans were on show in various guises.

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LEPA top-down heatsink Computex 2017

Now this is interesting!

A gorgeous matte black finish on this top-down cooler helps it stand out, especially with the ‘diamond cut’ style edges on the end plate.

Despite the small size it fits five 6mm diameter heatpipes.

And as expected for a Computex 2017 product it has an RGB fan attached.

LEPA – we’d be happy to put this cooler to the test when development is finished!

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