The SFX PSU’s keep on coming: FSP set to launch 500W and 600W ‘Dagger’ line

And YOU get a power supply! And YOU get a power supply!.. Everyone gets a power supply!

As if the highly anticipated Platinum-rated units from Lian Li and SilverStone weren’t enough, word on the street (where ‘the street’ is TechPowerUp) is that FSP’s looking to join the PSU fray with a pair of SFX units they’ve… interestingly enough… elected to call the “Dagger” line. (Hey, since when does size matter, right?)

Ostensibly, these gaming-targeted PSUs are meant to provide a testosterone-pumping 500W or 600W of pure, raw electricity, to rigs replete with high end CPUs and enthusiast-grade graphics. Indeed, practically any single-GPU build will have its power needs torn to shreds, short of the most insane of overclocks, And, since of course you’d be installing this in a SFF enclosure, you get all of the manly modular cabling your proud, chest-thumping heart could ever ask for.

The units also come with ATX v2.4 compliance, DC-to-DC switching, and 80 Plus Gold efficiency ratings, which will be handy when considering the fact that both units only have a sole 80mm dual-bearing fan to keep that hot, hot stuff nice and breezy.

While I’ll be the first to admit that the image of Oprah Winfrey tossing Daggers at her audience is an objectively terrifying one, SFF Network editor John Morrison (who first saw this announcement) did make the cogent point that FSP’s wares tend to be at the better end of the quality spectrum, especially with respect to price-performance. So to the haters out there, I say – let the Daggers fly!

FSP says that they’ll share additional information, including pricing and availability, at Computex this June. We await their call to arms with bated breath.

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