Sapphire to launch Pulse RX 560 LITE GPU

Recently, there was some kerfuffle in the tech news regarding a “weaksauce” variant of the RX 560 – with the typical 1024 SP model pared down to a mere 896. Whilst this was originally for the Chinese Gaming Cafe market, it seems that this “lite” chip will indeed make it to the western market.

Sapphire is launching the “Pulse Radeon RX 560 LITE”, a 1300mhz factory overclocked card with 2 and 4GB VRAM variants. The cooler on these cards is a little beefed up versus the current “Pulse” cooler – with twin fans instead of a single unit. The card itself draws power from a single PCIe 6 pin connector.

Notwithstanding miner markup, the card is expected to retail around US$100 (source: Techpowerup). Unfortunately, as of this time, I am unable to find a product page for this card.


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