Sapphire Releases a RX 550 with Extra Horsepower

Hot on the heels of the RX560 LITE launch, Sapphire also snuck a slightly upgraded RX550 on to their product stack, based on “Polaris 21” silicon, rather than the Polaris 20 silicon, that the RX 550 is normally built on.  The Pulse Radeon RX 550 2GD5/4GD5 (model: 11268-16 for 2 GB and 11268-15 for 4 GB) has 10 out of 16 compute units physically present on the chip, which translates to 640 stream processors, higher than the 512 stream processors the RX 550 is originally designed to have. The card is running the core at a 1071 MHz core clock and stays within the 75W limit of the PCIe bus, with no extra power inputs.

The card also rocks 40 TMUs, GDDR5 memory at 6.00 GHz (2 or 4GB depending on the model), over a 128-bit wide memory interface (96 GB/s memory bandwidth). The card has one each of DVI, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort 1.4, and uses a 1.x slot form factor – not quite single slot, not quite dual slot, just somewhere irritatingly in between.

MSRP is as yet unknown, and the card itself has yet to make it to a public product page on Sapphire’s website.

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