Raijintek shows off “Micro ATX” and SFX PSUs

Raijintek is probably a name that isn’t super familiar to SFF enthusiasts, but they’ve been making inroads into the market with their ITX Metis and mATX Styx cases. At Computex, they’re showing off new power supplies that are of interest.

First are the so called “Micro ATX” units. I’m not fond of the name because the term “Micro ATX” or “mATX” for power supplies is confusing since it’s not an actual standard and it has also been used to describe power supplies of the SFX and ATX PS/3 form factors. Quibbles about the name aside, they are ATX power supplies but with a shorter than standard depth, at just 125mm instead of 140mm.

The Micro ATX 700W is, you guessed it, a 700W power supply. It is rated for Platinum efficiency, has semi-modular cables, single 12V rail capable of outputting the full 700W, and a 100mm fan. The Micro ATX 600W is the same except for a bit lower wattage and it’s only Bronze-rated. While still the same height and width as standard ATX, the extra short depth will come in handy for Mini-ITX and mATX cases with internally mounted ATX power supplies like the Cougar QBX. Raijintek isn’t the first to offer a PSU like this, Nexus used to have a very similar product (though now discontinued) in the NX-6000 R3. They had managed to fit a 120mm fan in their version though.

Raijintek is also showing off a proper SFF power supply, a 450W SFX unit. There is not much information available about this unit, from the picture we can see that it’s non-modular, Bronze-rated, and has a 92mm fan but that’s about it. According to Bit-Tech, the OEM for this both SFX unit and the Micro ATX units is High Power/Sirfa.

More competition is great for consumers so I’m really glad to see how many SFF power supply options are showing up lately.

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