MSI Launches New SFF Prebuilt, the Nightblade MI

Well, it looks like SFF has hit the mainstream – even the big hardware makers are pre-building SFF systems for you! MSI has just launched their new system, the Nightblade MI.

Measuring 126.7 x 234.8 x 340.6 mm in size (10.13 litres), this system really does fit the bill of Small Form Factor.

Materials appear to be steel and plastic, but the major standout is the CPU cooler – is that a laptop style cooler we see there? No word yet on how loud this system will be.

The graphics card (a GTX960 2GB) slots in ‘above’ the motherboard, in a way so that the fans pull air from the vents in the side panel.


From the rear we see that the system is powered by a 1U style power supply (350w Bronze rated). It also looks like a custom motherboard has been developed for this system. It’ll be interesting to see deeper inside this computer.

The box it comes in seems to be the usual fare, showing off the unit’s features. Ooooooh carry handle!


MSI feature here.


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