GALAX at Computex 2017

So, we all know of the GALAX GTX1070 Katana, that full height but deliciously single slot graphics card available from the manufacturer. What we didn’t really know, thanks to GALAX’s propensity for larger cards (see the HOF cards as an example), is that they produce other cards that happen to be SFF friendly!

First up is the deliciously small GT1030 EX OC White, a single slot, low profile card in an all-white aesthetic. While the specs are what we have come to expect from the GT1030 category, it’s the colour scheme that helps this one stand out. The PCB, fan, and even the heatsink itself are white – a bold statement among the black, blue and green of the GPU world.


Next up is this low profile, but dual slot, GTX1050 TI. A more angular approach versus the MSI and Gigabyte offerings, this particular card also differs over the popular Gigabyte variant by having dual fans. Whether this improves the aural characteristics of the SKU or not is yet to be seen… or heard.


Ahh, the holy grail of the current GPU market – GALAX’s single slot GTX1070, the Katana. THis solid piece of kit was on show, and I wish I could have taken it home with me! Deceptively dense, this single slot heavy hitter features an all-copper heatsink underneath a subtle aluminium shroud. The blower style fan is a must for a card such as this, and some heat will be exhausted out the rear of the card – albeit a reduced amount due to the form factor and ventilation holes above the copper heatsink.

Wait.. what’s this?


What it is, is a very small Thunderbolt external graphics card. They say that inside is a GTX1060, but we don’t know for sure how it’s all set up – they wouldn’t let anyone open it up to see! Talking with the representatives at the booth yielded not much more other than it’s not MXM, it’s Thunderbolt 3… (insert rolling eyes GIF here)

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