Streacom’s Computex Offerings

Unfortunately we were unable to make it to Streacom’s suite at Computex this year, but never fear, Streacom sent me an overview of the new products they have this year. (how kind of them!) In the press release resided 3 products, however due to our innate thirst for a smaller system, only two of the products are relevant to us.

First up – An active cooled variant of Streacom’s DB4, released last year.

The DA4 changes things up a bit versus the DB4, meaning that this is more inspired by the DB4 than derived from. Gone is the heatsink aesthetic, replaced by a stylish venting pattern on all panels. The reason for this? The DA4 is an actively cooled case, versus the passive DB4. SFX and SFX-L PSU support is also added, enabling a proper high power system in this, (according to manufacturer’s specs), 18.3 litre case.

At 4.5 Kg worth of aluminium, this isn’t a light or particularly portable chassis, but on one’s desk it would make a statement. No word yet on MSRP, or release date.

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By now most of us have seen the Open Bench Table project, of which Streacom is a partner. The premise is that this is a designer benching station, in a flat, modular format. Included in the design are mounting and storage for all the screws, nuts and other gubbins needed to use the table.

Streacom has taken the design further, adding a M-ITX variant to the fray. It seems that this will be available in bare aluminium and anodised black, and it sure is a welcome alternative to the current products on the market. As above, MSRP and release date are unknowns.

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