Logic Supply Previews Something New – The MC850

Logic Supply, a company that builds industrial systems but has a core of SFF enthusiasts has previewed their new design, the MC850, on our forum.

Logic Supply ( is an industrial PC manufacturer specializing in small form factor system development for commercial clients who need computer hardware that will reliably perform in a wide range of challenging environments. Our clients’ key concerns tend to be long lifecycle components, legacy I/O connectivity and a wide range of performance specifications (from low wattage Atom and Celeron CPUs all the way up to i7 and Xeon chips). We focus primarily on fanless system development to allow for fully solid state operation and to prevent contaminant ingress in dirty or dusty installations.

After Jay’s MC600 review garnered some attention, and a few Logic Supply customers expressed desire for higher performance actively cooled systems, the team started work on a new system, with support for significantly higher end hardware.

Some of you may be familiar with our MC600 chassis, which has found an audience among enthusiast builders, including a number of forum members – you guys keep cutting big holes for fans in them, you maniacs!

Glad to be of service!

The MC850 builds on our MC600 and MC500 but more easily accommodates full height PCIe cards as well as ditching risers in favor of a far more reliable and simple direct plug configuration. You’ll find an onboard power supply providing AC input as well – a feature that’s also been requested by a number of our clients who are comfortable using an actively-cooled solution. And don’t think cooling has been ignored – the exhaust has been swapped over to a larger and quieter single 80mm fan.

Key Enclosure Specs

Case Materials: Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, anodized 6061 aluminum
Motherboard Form Factor: Mini-ITX
Dimensions (W x H x D): 230mm x 146mm x 241mm
Volume: ~8.1L
Hard Drive Support: 2x 2.5” drives + onboard M.2 or mSATA
Mounting Options: Included feet, wall mounting available

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Logic Supply is asking for community input on the design – let them know your thoughts here!