News YESTON & LEADTEK low profile single slot GTX1650 cards with GDDR6 - first look and benchmark

some new low profile & single slot GTX1650 cards with 4GB of GDDR6 by YESTON / LEADTEK have shown up on TaoBao and I couldn't resist to check it out...

Having owned the ASL GTX 1650 "War Knife" before, I am quite impressed with that card. Despite being a bit shorter compared to the ASL - plus - packing GDDR6 instead of GDDR5 it runs a bit cooler and less noisy. Only disadvantage I found so far is that the fan won't go below 40% and the power consumption in idle seems a quite high with >30W if HWinfo can be trusted.

Summarizing my impressions...

+ probably the smallest GTX1650 you can buy right now
+ currently cheaper than the "ASL War Knife" (which is also up on sale again on JD and TaoBao)
+ comes with GDDR6
+ reasonable "loudness" under load (similar to my Noctua modded FLEX PSU)

- HWinfo reporting >30W power consumption in idle?!?
- fan does not stop in idle (but luckily it's not really noticeable)
- only available in China (TaoBao via Superbuy, etc...)

TaoBao link with some more info and price:

PS: LEADTEK sells the same card with their branding on Tmall, but much more expensive

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Jun 29, 2015
There's also the Nvidia Quadro T1000, which is a 50W single slot low profile GPU equiped with either 4GB or 8GB of GDDR6. It has 896 CUDA cores, just like the GTX 1650.

GPU ArchitectureNVIDIA Turing Architecture
CUDA Parallel Processing cores896
Single-Precision Performance2.5 TFLOPS
Frame Buffer Memory4 GB GDDR6︱8 GB GDDR6
Memory Interface128-bit
Memory BandwidthUp to 160 GB/s
Max Power Consumption50W
Graphics BusPCI Express 3.0 x16
Display ConnectorsmDP 1.4 (4)
Form Factor2.713 inches H x 6.137 inches L Single Slot
Product Weight132.6g
Thermal SolutionActive
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Jul 7, 2021
FWIW, I started a spreadsheet to look at high performance / low volume (i.e. size) GPUs.

It consists primarily of reference cards at the moment, but I added in Till's 1-slot A2000 and the Yeston GTX1650 D6 (single slot LP).
As should probably be expected, they both made it into Top 5 for TimeSpy Graphics Points by size:



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Apr 2, 2020
if someone owns the YESTON / LEADTEK card and would like to get the card silent in idle, here is a rather simple "0-RPM Fan Mod"

what you need:
  • KSD9700 (or similar) thermal switch, Normaly Open, 50 or 55K depending on at which temperature you want the fan to kick in
  • soldering skills
  • thermal glue and aluminum duct tape
how to:
  • cut the positive fan wire near the connector
  • solder the KSD9700 thermal switch in between
  • insulate the wires
  • attach the KSD9700 to the heatsink (e.g. using thermal glue)
  • cover with aluminum tape


result (tested with 55K KSD9700):
  • the card will get dead silent in idle with an average temp of ~50C
  • under load, when the GPU gets hot, the thermal switch will activate and the fan will kick in (at about 72~75C)
  • after the card cools down in idle, the thermal switch will cut the fan power again
of course, this mod also works with other cards (e.g. the A2000) that do not support a 0-RPM fan mode
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Dec 3, 2016
Looks like I'm sticking with my ASUS RTX 1650 LP for now. I can handle the dual slot and love the zero RPM mode. Sad there isn't a new generation card that performs better in LP and 75W realm.
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