CPU Why are all SFFPC cases nowadays mostly watercool / sandwich?

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Dec 2, 2018
@Skripka - I liked the idea the Intel NUC compute element and I do think the concept will be revisited someday in the future, but having had a Skull Canyon in the past I wasn't able to reuse much of the parts (maybe the SSD's) in a traditional desktop setting. It's proprietary eco system and I'm not sure if people want to end up in that. You could build a Velka 3 or a K39 for less with a bit of skill and not be stuck in a proprietary system.

Do agree with the point about GPU's though. It's a pity that it looks like we won't see new LP GPU's for sometime and the ITX ones are impossible to buy. On the other hand, if OEM's went for efficiency over raw performance they would probably get flack for it getting similar benchmark scores to the previous generation.


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Oct 19, 2018
@Phuncz - Yeah, I caught the tail end when those cases were coming into public focus. It was the video Linus and Luke did with the Dan A4 back in 2016 that got me into SFF.

I think Flex ATX/1U is the one with the most realistic potential right now for interesting ideas (In the context of ATX/SFX PSU alternatives). There's a good number of cases here (Velka, ZS A4S, Pure X, Hutzy XS Concept - going back to 2016) and elsewere (Taobao, Aliexpress) that use it. You can get a 600W Enhance from GEEEK or Velkase or maybe one of the ones from FSP or Silverstone. Just needs a sensible appoarch to modular cables and the noisy 40mm elephant in the room dealt with. Just needs a Corsair, a Seasonic or an EVGA to be convinced, but as you say that might still be seen as too risky.

Then again, SFX has made drastic leaps and bounds over the past few years.

I would really like stuff like HDPLEX 400 to be built better - heard many stories of people's HDplex dying. Otherwise, I would've bought one for an even smaller form factor build.